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Pietro Germi (born September 14, 1914 in Genoa , Liguria , † December 5, 1974 in Rome ) was an Italian film director , screenwriter , actor and producer .


Germi was briefly trained at the seafaring school in his hometown before he went to the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. He financed his directing and acting studies at the film school through badly paid jobs in Italian film. In 1946 he made his first film, Il testimone , in whose script he was also involved.

Germi harbored deep admiration for John Ford , whose stylistic and thematic peculiarities he adopted in his films. In the mid-1950s he immersed himself in the genre of satirical comedy , the plot of which he mostly staged in the poor regions of Sicily . His 1961 film Divorce in Italian with Marcello Mastroianni was a worldwide success and earned him (along with Alfredo Gianetti and Ennio de Concini) an Oscar for best screenplay and an Oscar nomination for best director. In 1965 he won the Golden Palm for But, but, gentlemen ... in Cannes .

His last completed work was Alfredo, Alfredo from 1972 with Dustin Hoffman . He had to stop filming a crazy class reunion because he was seriously ill with hepatitis ; he eventually died of the consequences of this disease.



  • 1946: Il testimone
  • 1947: Lost Youth (Gioventù perduta)
  • 1949: In the name of the law (In nome della legge)
  • 1950: Way of Hope (Il cammino della speranza)
  • 1951: Hunt without mercy (La città si difende)
  • 1952: The public nuisance or the judiciary in distress (La presidentessa)
  • 1952: The rebel of Tacca del Lupo (Il brigante di Tacca del Lupo)
  • 1953: Gelosia
  • 1954: Amori di mezzo secolo (one episode)
  • 1955: The red signal (Il ferroviere)
  • 1957: And sin lurks outside (L'uomo di paglia)
  • 1959: Under smooth skin (Un maledetto imbroglio)
  • 1961: Divorce in Italian (Divorzio all'italiana)
  • 1963: seduction in Italian (Sedotta e abbandonata)
  • 1965: But, but, gentlemen ... (Signore e signori)
  • 1966: One lives better immorally (L'immorale)
  • 1968: Serafino, the womanizer (Serafino)
  • 1970: (Le castagne sono buone)
  • 1972: Alfredo, Alfredo (Alfredo, Alfredo)


  • 1946: Montecassino
  • 1949: Fuga in Francia
  • 1955: The red signal (Il ferroviere)
  • 1957: And sin lurks outside (L'uomo di paglia)
  • 1959: Under smooth skin (Un maledetto imbroglio)
  • 1960: Jovanka and the others (5 branded women) - directed by Martin Ritt
  • 1960: Cross- Examining Innocence (Il rossetto) - directed by Damiano Damiani
  • 1961: The house in Via Roma (La viaccia) - directed by Mauro Bolognini
  • 1961: The bitter life (Il sicario) - directed by Damiano Damiani
  • 1965: A man came: In the footsteps of John XXIII. (E venne un uomo) - Directed by Ermanno Olmi

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