Patrik Pacard

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Television series
Original title Patrik Pacard
Country of production Germany ,
Austria ,
original language German
year 1984
length 45 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
genre Christmas series
Theme music Lady Lily : Patrik Pacard
idea Justus Peacock
production Bernd Burgemeister ,
Gero Erhardt ( director )
music Christian Bruhn
First broadcast December 4th, 1984 on SF-DRS

Patrik Pacard 1984 was the sixth ZDF - Christmas series . The series was broadcast in six parts, in Switzerland in twelve parts, and began in Germany on December 25, 1984 on ZDF. Directed by Gero Erhardt .

The history

Patrik is already sitting on packed suitcases when his appendix makes itself felt. His father, who works on an oil rig , definitely wants to catch up on their vacation together. However, at their holiday destination, a lonely fjord in Norway, the secret services of the great powers fight each other . The ingenious biochemist Professor Gunström has achieved a sensational genetic manipulation . He was able to manipulate the genetic makeup of plants in such a way that tomatoes , pineapples, bananas and oranges now also grow on glaciers and wheat in the desert . When the unsuspecting Pacard family arrives in Norway , the hunt for the formula is in full swing. The Pacards become friends with Prof. Gunström and his Swiss assistant Dr. Giovanna Castelli. Far too late they realize that the dark Dimitri is not aiming for salmon, but for the work of Prof. Gunström.

Prof. Gunström is anesthetized by Dimitri with a truth drug that he injected into his toothpaste tube. He records his words on a small cassette and escapes back to his boat. When Dr. Castelli finds the professor the next morning, the formula is already in Dimitri's hand. Dimitri's plan doesn't work out and the Pacard family gets caught between all fronts. The US agent Harvey provides Dimitri, but the Soviet agent leader Kharkov is also on his track. The Norwegian secret service chief Okland seals off the fjord - he also considers the Pacard family to be agents. Harvey escapes, Kharkov is arrested, and Dimitri hides in the mountains of the fjord. He finds the optimal solution to smuggle his booty out of the fjord: he burns the formula into the soles of Patrik's feet with a laser beam. During the operation, however, Patrik's leg slipped off the chair and the laser beam briefly hit his eye.

Patrik's father saves his family from the fjord with the help of a helicopter . They seek protection at the German consul in Bergen. There they are already expected by an employee of the German secret service. Dimitri was caught, but after a thorough search by the Norwegian authorities, released because he was able to remove all traces beforehand. And nobody can find the formula because it is under the sole of Patrik's foot. Of course, Dimitri immediately resumes pursuit of Patrik. What nobody suspects: An Arab liberation campaign is behind the theft. The suspicion arises that the only bystanders, the Pacards, are the fulcrum of the mystery.

Prof. Gunström is only slowly recovering. The Pacards want to return to Munich, but shortly before departure, Patrik's mother is kidnapped by Arab liberation fighters. After it is certain that the attack was aimed at Patrik, it becomes clear to everyone involved that the boy must be the bearer of a secret. His father takes Patrik to the oil rig, where he is examined by a doctor, who cannot find anything on Patrik's body. In a radio message, the kidnappers offer a deal. Patrik is supposed to give himself into the hands of the kidnappers for an hour, then his mother is released. With various tricks, father and son reach Munich, seemingly unnoticed. But they are already expected by Harvey, who persuades Patrik to take a lie detector test - but this does not bring the desired success. Kharkov appears, who has successfully tracked the kidnappers. Now the Americans and the Soviets are working together. Patrik appears to be in the hands of the kidnappers, suddenly Dimitri appears and kidnaps Patrik.

Dr. Castelli analyzes a soil sample from Ibrahim's shoe, tricks the agents with a false analysis and races with Patrik to his mother's prison. The two manage to free her. The Pacards hide on an alpine pasture while Dr. Castelli hopes for Prof. Gunström's recovery. You want to present the formula at the World Food Conference in Rome . Patrik is supposed to be there, but Dimitri has already taken up his trail again.

Dimitri wants a million dollars from Arab Prince Ali for the formula. The prince can use it to transform the desert into a blooming paradise. Dimitri suddenly turns up at the Pacard family and surprises them by saying that he knows the cause of Patrik's periodic visual disturbances. Patrik was accidentally hit by a laser beam . This threatens him with detachment of the retina and thus blindness . He offers them a macabre deal: Patrik's eyesight against the formula. Patrik and Dimitri visit an ophthalmologist who has been in the know . From there they are kidnapped to the desert state. Dr. Castelli is also kidnapped. Prince Ali wants to use the formula only for himself and withhold it from the world. Patrik manages to escape the luxurious prison by exchanging clothes with his servant Shafti and finds refuge in an oil camp run by his father's company.

The influence of the great powers on Ali's land is zero. Still, Kharkov is putting pressure on Prince Ali. An underground organization is said to be Patrik, Dr. Bring Castelli and the formula back. Harvey doesn't trust Kharkov, so he sends Patrik's father to Arabia. Again the battle for the formula has broken out between the great powers. However, Patrik's father is fighting for his son's eyesight. After a dramatic escape, father and son arrive in Munich. Prince Ali is killed by the resistance group. Dr. Castelli and Dimitri, who is still after the formula, also manage to escape.

Patrik's eyesight can just about be saved. None of his pursuers knows that the formula is still under his feet. Dimitri, who, like Patrik, is back in Munich, is meanwhile killed by a leader of the resistance group. In the meantime, the family decides to travel to Prof. Gunström again. Before that, they make a stop on the oil rig, where Patrik finally gets rid of the formula under the sole of his foot. Except for a small chip. From the professor, Patrik learns that the formula will never be used to eliminate hunger in the world, because it would only cause more wars and famines. Patrik then cuts his foot with a knife, ultimately destroying the formula.


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