The long way of Luke B. (TV series)

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Television series
German title The long way of Luke B.
Original title By way of the stars
Country of production Canada , Germany
original language English
year 1992
length 240 minutes
Episodes 4th
genre Children's series , adventure series
Director Allan King
production Kevin Sullivan
music John Welsman
first broadcast
December 26th, 1992 on ZDF

The Long Way of Luke B. is a television series. The adaptation of the youth novel of the same name by Willi Fährmann was broadcast on ZDF in 1992 as a six-part Christmas film.


The Bienmanns are a family of carpenters . But in the vicinity of their small village in East Prussia there was no longer enough work at the end of the 19th century to support them and the families of their employees. So Lukas' grandfather decides to go to America with his team for a few years in order to earn big money there.

When Lukas Otto von Lebrecht is seen murdering and his father is falsely accused of this crime, Lukas decides to go to America with him.

For the village teacher, a revolutionary, America seems to be the salvation from the Prussian judiciary. So he accompanies the carpenters. Mathilde Bienmann, who is in love with the teacher, joins as a stowaway.

Lukas finds the first traces of his father, an unfinished figurehead, on the ship . After a storm, the carpenters repair everything that was broken on the ship, and Lukas, with the help of his grandfather, finishes carving the Neptune for the bow. In return for schnapps, he receives stories about his father from the sailmaker.

In America, the Bienmanns travel across the country, building churches, houses and bridges. Two of the carpenters from the village die in the process. Again and again the tracks of his father cross Lukas' path.


In 1994 there were Gemini Award nominations for Allan King (director) and John Welsman (music) for the series .


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