Frankie - love, vice, rock 'n' roll

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Original title Frankie - love, vice, rock 'n' roll
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1995
Director Christoph Schrewe
script Phillip Weingess , Günther Knarr
music Harold Faltermeyer
camera Dietmar Koelzer

Frankie - Love, vice, rock 'n' roll is a five-part German youth series from 1995. Frankie was the last Christmas series of ZDF , broadcast annually since 1979. The five one-hour episodes (including a double episode) ran the evening before between December 26th and 30th, 1995. ZDF repeated the series in April / May 1996 in twelve half-hour episodes. The series was last repeated in July / August 2002 in KI.KA.


17-year-old Frankie Köhler plays the guitar and wants to become a rock star. Just like his grandfather Abbi, who still performs with his band, the Thunderbirds. Frankie's father, Johannes, the dentist, is of course against it, and Frankie's mother Karen does not always manage to get across. When Abbi dies at a gig and his father sells his guitar, Frankie moves out in frustration. His girlfriend Isabelle Ringel, the piano player Big Ed and Willie, the owner of a recording studio, help Frankie achieve his dream. Isabelle's ex-boyfriend, the band leader Jochen, tries to sabotage Frankie's career. But finally Frankie makes it. He and his band appear in the opening act for the Scorpions on the Berlin Waldbühne.

The music was written by Harold Faltermeyer . In addition to the Scorpions, The Princes and Peter Maffay performed and played themselves.

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