Marco - Over seas and mountains

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Television series
German title Marco - Over seas and mountains
Original title Dagli Appennini all ande
Country of production Germany
original language Italian
year 1990
length 45 minutes each
Episodes 6 episodes in 1 season
genre Children's series
idea Roberta Colombo , Edmondo De Amicis , Ennio De Concini , Pino Passalacqua , Lidia Ravera
music Luis Bacalov
First broadcast October 2, 1990 (Italy) on Canale 5
first broadcast
December 25, 1991 on ZDF

Marco - Over seas and mountains is a six-part Christmas series of ZDF from 1991, directed by Pino Passalacqua . The film was a German-Italian co-production based on a story from the children's book Cuore by Edmondo De Amicis . The original Italian title is Dagli Appennini alle Ande . The script was written by Roberta Colombo. Another film adaptation of the story is the cartoon series Marco from 1976.


13-year-old Marco lives most of the year in a Swiss boarding school. When he visited his father Vittorio over Christmas in the lagoon city of Venice, he happened to see a report about the victims of the Argentine military dictatorship late in the evening . He thinks he recognizes his mother Beatrice in a photo, whom he never met and who is one of the Desaparecidos (disappeared) in Argentina . Marco then begins to believe that his mother is still alive. When he tries to tell his father about the adventurous discovery, he is not there: he has suffered a heart attack and has been taken to the hospital.

Marco then decides to look for his mother alone and first contacts Antonio Godoy, an Argentine friend of his father's. With a forged signature on the plane ticket, Marco actually manages to get to Argentina. He is very lovingly received by the Antonio Godoy family. His father's friend drives around the country with Marco, but it soon becomes clear that Godoy is not the man of honor everyone thinks he is. He is very afraid that his own past might come to light and wants to intimidate Marco with two dark men who break into his hotel room at night.

Marco manages to escape. Then an adventurous odyssey begins for him through his mother's country: on foot, by ship, on horseback and by train. More than once Marco is a stowaway and gets into life-threatening situations. Not all the people he joins ( fairground sellers , captains , gauchos , children's gangs ) are well-disposed towards him. But he also repeatedly meets people who help him and who believe in him. In the end, it is coincidence that leads him and his father, who has since recovered and followed Marco, to a sanatorium for the victims of the military regime and ends their trip happily.

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