Oliver Maass

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Television series
Original title Oliver Maass
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 1985
length 55 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
genre Mystery
music Christian Bruhn
First broadcast December 25, 1985 on ZDF

Oliver Maass , subtitle: The game with the magic violin , is a German television series from 1985, which was produced by ZDF . Justus Pfaue wrote the script and Gero Erhardt directed it . In addition to his role as Eickelberg's funeral director, Karl Lieffen acted as the narrator . Oliver Maass was one of the ZDF Christmas series .


The archaeologist Dr. Michael Maass is on the hunt for the treasure of King Theodoric , Dietrich von Bern of legend . A hot trail leads him to the Mediterranean , to Italy . There he settled in a small fishing village, near the property of the mysterious Count Esteban. At home in Germany, Michael Maass worries; his wife recently passed away and his fifteen-year-old son Oliver has lived with grandmother Louise Maass since then, while his daughter Julia seems to go her own way as a student. Louise Maass is a somewhat strange person; together with her friend, the undertaker Eickelberg, she organizes spiritual sessions and is very interested in esotericism .

Oliver, on the other hand, is far from overcoming the loss of the deceased mother, often visits her grave and writes letters to her in his diary. He had promised her that he would learn to play the violin.

Without knowing it, he becomes interesting for Count Esteban. He is looking for a person with a pure heart who has love and sadness in him, in order to entrust him with a special violin.

It is the violin of Niccolò Paganini , the devil's violinist . With it you can, if you manage to compose an endless melody, see a day into the future.

Count Esteban entrusts the violin to Oliver. The boy also succeeds in composing a corresponding melody.

But instead of using his new skills for the benefit of mankind, Oliver asks the violin about the results of the upcoming math work or the next lottery numbers and helps a financially ruined man to win on the racetrack; however, he then suffers a heart attack and dies. Oliver also saves a little girl who ran away and, with the help of the violin, is able to rescue his sister from the violence of an unscrupulous criminal. He can also help his father to find the treasure, but Michael Maass poisons himself because Oliver did not ask the violin what exactly his father would expect. All in all, the boy does more harm than good with the violin.

Like Oliver's family and friends, the Count notices the creeping change in the boy, who is becoming more and more conceited and wants to play fate. Everyone realizes that the violin has to go away in order to put an end to the ghost. Both Michael Maass and Count Esteban try to destroy the violin but fail.

Ultimately, Oliver Maass also realizes that the violin is no good for him and that he must destroy it.


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