Madita (TV series)

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Television broadcast
German title Madita
Original title Madicken på Junibacken
Country of production Sweden
original language Swedish
year 1980
Svensk Filmindustri
length 25 minutes
Episodes 10 in 1 season ( list )
Director Goran Graffman
idea Astrid Lindgren
script Astrid Lindgren
production Olle Hellbom
Olle Nordemar
music Bengt Hallberg
camera Jörgen Persson
cut Jan Persson
first broadcast
December 22nd, 1980 on ZDF

Madita was a ten-part Swedish youth series and was broadcast as a Christmas series on ZDF from December 22nd to 31st, 1980. The series was based on the novel Madita ( Du är inte klok Madicken ) by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren from 1979. The main role of Madicken was played by Jonna Liljendahl .

The films Madita (1990) and Madita and Pim (1992) were later compiled from the individual episodes .


Madita and her little sister Lisabet experienced many adventures together around 1910. So they fall into the water when they want to play "Little Moses in the Reeds" by the river. Fortunately, Abbe, the son of uncle and aunt Nilsson, is able to save them with a boat hook. Another time, the Engström family goes on a trip to the countryside for their mother's birthday. When a herd of young animals appears, they all flee into the trees in fear. Because little Lisabet can't go on a school trip yet, Madita wants to take her on her own trip. When she then tries to fly down from the roof of the wooden shed with an umbrella, she ends up in bed with a concussion. Because uncle and aunt Nilssons have money worries, Madita helps them with their winnings from a lottery. Her cousin Abbe thinks that he can see ghosts and Madita immediately wants to be able to do that too, but is basically afraid of ghosts herself. In winter she got the idea to stand on the back of the runners of a horse-drawn sleigh, so that at the end she finds herself in the forest. When Lisabet sticks peas up her nose, Madita is supposed to take her to Dr. Go to Berglund. On the way there they get into a fight between Mick and Matti, so that Lisabets pea falls out of its own accord. As a test of courage, Madita and her archenemy Mia want to balance on the roof ridge of the school building, which is going to end well. On the other hand, one day Mia has nothing better to do than steal the rector's wallet and buy chocolates from it. Mr Nilsson has set up a fox iron to protect against Abbe's little rabbits. When he returns late one evening, he gets caught in it and is freed by Alva and Madita. Madita and Lisabet learn from their father that there will soon be another child; they firmly believe that it will be a little brother. A sports pilot comes to the Mühlenwiese and Madita is allowed to fly. But for Abbe's sake, she does without. One evening when Abbe saves his father from the river into which he fell drunk, Abbe is completely exhausted and develops pneumonia. Everyone worries about him, but Abbe gets well again. At Christmas the offspring is announced and on Christmas Eve of all things the time has come. However, Madita and Lisabet hope in vain for the little brother. It has become a little sister.


According to the tradition of the ZDF Christmas series, the series ran every afternoon between Christmas and New Years. Each episode was 25 minutes long.

criticism describes the film as a: "Successful adaptation of Astrid Lindgren's bestselling children's book, with a cheeky, humorous girl in the center."

Episode list

episode title First broadcast D Original title First broadcast p
1 A summer day on Birkenlund Dec 22, 1980 Summer day on juniback Dec 22, 1980
2 The flight 23 Dec 1980 Madicken flyger och far 23 Dec 1980
3 A good deed Dec. 24, 1980 Fru nilsson far tillbaka sin kropp Dec. 24, 1980
4th The ghost in the wash house Dec 25, 1980 Spoeket i brygghuset Dec 25, 1980
5 Every year again Dec 26, 1980 June baking jul Dec 26, 1980
6th The pea in the nose Dec. 27, 1980 Lisabet pillar in en aerta i naesan Dec. 27, 1980
7th Walpurgis Night Dec 28, 1980 You are inte riktigt klok, madicken Dec 28, 1980
8th The lice mia Dec 29, 1980 Den stora avlusningen - madicken och mia Dec 29, 1980
9 Abbe goes into the air Dec. 30, 1980 Ibland opp och ibland ner - fly guppbisningen Dec. 30, 1980
10 A memory for life Dec 31, 1980 Alva dansar och det blir juligen - en lifen ... Dec 31, 1980

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