Laura and Luis

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Television series
Original title Laura and Luis
Country of production Germany ,
France ,
Austria ,
Switzerland ,
original language German
Year (s) 1989
length 55 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
genre Christmas series
idea Justus Peacock
music Sigi Schwab
First broadcast December 18, 1989 (Switzerland) on SF-DRS

Laura and Luis is the name of a six-part television series by ZDF . It is one of the Christmas series and is about so-called child gangs who are trained by criminals to steal. Directed by Frank Strecker .


When Sebastian, a student of theology, was robbed in Milan, he realized that he was dealing with extremely skilled little thieves. What he doesn't know is that Laura and Luis belong to a gang of children who neither know their real name nor anything about their real family. Her family are the criminals who kidnapped the children and are now using them for their own purposes. Because Sebastian is interested in the fate of Laura and Luis, he becomes uncomfortable for the gang. He puts himself and the children in great danger.

But he manages to free the two children from the clutches of the criminals and to bring the gang leaders to prison. With the help of the police, he determines the correct parents of "Luis", who is actually called Maximilian. But when he learns that Laura, whom he has always thought to be his sister, is not his sister, the two run away and get by without parents.

One day Sebastian learns that the children are now living in the south of France and are making a living as sellers of homemade jewelry and as horse breeders in the Camargue . He accepts that happiness exists outside of the valid norms and questions his role as a monk .


"Laura and Luis" has been available on DVD since mid-October 2008.


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