December 18th

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The December 18 is the 352nd day of the Gregorian calendar (the 353rd in leap years ), thus remain 13 days to the year.

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Politics and world events

1644: Queen Christina I.
1925: António Maria da Silva
1999: Chandrika Kumaratunga
2005: The Darfur region


1884: Svenska Dagbladet (title page)

science and technology

1966: Epimetheus


1892: Original line-up of the Nutcracker
1901: Pergamon Museum; built athena temple



  • 1878: The French passenger steamer Byzantin collides with the British steamship Rinaldo in hurricane-like weather at the entrance to the Dardanelles and capsizes. About 150 people die.
  • 1944: In Typhoon Cobra , three destroyers of the US Navy sink off the island of Luzon in the Philippines , 28 other ships are partly badly damaged, 146 aircraft are destroyed and 790 dead are mourned.
  • 1995: After taking off from Jamba , Angola, a Lockheed L-188 Electra of the Congolese Trans Service Airlift crashes with 144 people on board, only three of whom survive. The aircraft was overloaded by around 40 people.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .

nature and environment

1971: Capitol Reef National Park


Entries of track and field world records can be found under the respective discipline under track and field .


Before the 18th century

18th century

19th century



Joseph John Thomson (* 1856)
Paul Klee (* 1879)

20th century


Willy Brandt (* 1913)


Keith Richards (* 1943)
Steven Spielberg (born 1946)


Brad Pitt (born 1963)


Katie Holmes (* 1978)

21st century


Before the 16th century

Antonio Stradivari († 1737)
Johann Gottfried von Herder († 1803)

16th to 18th centuries

19th century

20th century



Konrad Zuse († 1995)

21st century

Václav Havel († 2011)

Holidays and memorial days

  • National holidays
  • Church memorial days
    • St. Wunibald , Anglo-Saxon messenger of faith in Franconia, abbot in Heidenheim (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox)
    • St. Willibald von Eichstätt , Anglo-Saxon bishop and messenger of faith in today's Germany (Protestant, the Catholic day of remembrance is on July 7th)
    • St. Gatianus , Bishop (Catholic)
    • Mary expectation (catholic)

Further entries can be found in the list of days of remembrance and action .

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