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Inter Milan
Club crest of Inter Milan
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Football company
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Surname Football Club Internazionale Milano SpA
Seat Milan , Italy
founding March 9, 1908
Colours black, blue
Shareholders 68.55%: Suning Holdings Group
31.05%: LionRock Capital
00.37%: Pirelli & CSpA
00.03%: small shareholders
president Steven Zhang
First team
Head coach Antonio Conte
Venue Giuseppe Meazza Stadium
Places 75,923
league Series A
2019/20 2nd place

The Football Club Internazionale Milano , Internazionale or Inter for short , known in German-speaking countries as Inter Milan , is an Italian football company founded in 1908 from the Lombard capital, Milan . Other names are I Nerazzurri ("The Black and Blue"), La Beneamata and Il Biscione .

With 18 national league titles , seven national cup victories , three-time winning the European Champions' Cup and the UEFA Champions League , three-time winning the World Cup and three final victories in the UEFA Cup or UEFA Europa League is one of Inter 's most successful football clubs in the world. The club is also one of seven clubs that were able to achieve the big triple in one season .

Inter are the only club in Italy that has consistently played in the top division since Serie A was founded .

Home ground is also under the former name of San Siro famous San Siro . The club shares this with city rivals AC Milan .


Beginnings (1908–1929)

Football Club Internazionale Milano in the founding year 1908
The championship team of FC Internazionale Milano in 1910.

FC Internazionale Milano was on 9 March 1908 by several disgruntled cosmopolitan members of the "Milan Cricket and Football Club" (today's AC Milan ) in Milan Restaurants Ristorante Orologio ( it. Restaurants pm ), near the Piazza del Duomo , was founded. The heated, almost five-hour founding meeting, attended by Italians and Swiss, ended with the signatures on the association's statutes. The Football Club Internazionale Milano, as the club was officially called, was split off from the nationalist Milan CFC, in which only Italians were allowed to play.

The name "Internazionale" ("International") was chosen to demonstrate the openness of the team to players of all nationalities. Giovanni Paramithiotti, a strictly Catholic Venetian , was elected President, and the Swiss Hernst Manktl became the first captain . The club colors were already black and blue back then. The first coat of arms (with the initials FCIM) was drawn on a beer mat during the aforementioned founding meeting. Another symbol for "Internazionale" was the coat of arms of the former ruling family of Milan, the Visconti . Hence the reason why the players are called the "biscioni" (the snakes). During the AC Milan in the early days the workers' associationwas, Inter became an association of citizens , artists and intellectuals.

The beginnings at Inter were difficult due to the financial situation. So the players had to buy their shoes and even their jerseys themselves. Nevertheless, the club won its first title just two years after its founding: Under captain and coach Virgilio Fossati , the championship was won in 1910, even if the term "Scudetto" did not exist at that time and this title and the following 1920 did not match later titles can be compared (see also Series A ).

The name was changed to Ambrosiana-Inter (1929–1955)

Season dates 1929–1955
season place Points
1929/30 1. 50
1930/31 5. 38
1931/32 6th 38
1932/33 2. 46
1933/34 2. 49
1934/35 2. 42
1935/36 4th 36
1936/37 7th 31
1937/38 1. 41
1938/39 3. 37
1939/40 1. 44
1940/41 2. 35
1941/42 12. 26th
1942/43 4th 34
1946/47 10. 36
1947/48 12. 37
1948/49 2. 55
1949/50 3. 49
1950/51 2. 59
1951/52 3. 49
1952/53 1. 47
1953/54 1. 51
1954/55 8th. 36
Highlighted in green: winning the championship

Inter was the first champion of the 1929/30 total Italian professional league newly established, the direct predecessor of Serie A . The legendary Giuseppe Meazza , who had already come to Inter two years earlier, was part of the championship squad . With Meazza, who is still considered one of the best Italian footballers of all time, Inter was three times champions and one cup winner . In those years, Juventus were Inter's main rivals . To this day, every match between the two rival clubs is referred to as the “ Derby d'Italia“Titled. This is partly due to the fact that Inter and Juve were for a long time the only two Italian clubs that had never been relegated from the top division. With the forced relegation of Juventus in 2006, only Inter remains as a permanent member of Serie A.

During the time of the fascist regime , Inter , which in Mussolini's view was too open, had to merge. So in 1928 the forced merger with the "US Milanese Milano" came about to form the "SS Ambrosiana Inter" (from 1930 AS Ambrosiana). The championships in 1938 and 1940 were won despite the ongoing war , as football was played in Italy until 1943.

Champion team of the 1953/54 season .

After the Second World War, the association was renamed "Internazionale" and regained its supremacy in Italy. Under coach Alfredo Foni , Inter became champions in 1953 and 1954. Players of this team were the Swedish international Lennart Skoglund , the Hungarian István Nyers and the Italian international Benito Lorenzi .

The title duel between Juventus and Inter in 1961 turned into a Serie A scandal, when too many spectators crowded into the Turin stadium . Troubles broke out after a shot from the post by Inter , forcing the referee to abandon the game. As usual, the game was scored 2-0 for Inter , the visiting team, with which the Milanese took the lead. However, the association ordered a replay one day before the end of the season. It is noteworthy that Umberto Agnelli was president of both the Italian Football Association and Juventus at the time. Inter, who had been completely upset by the events, lost its last league game while the Turin team drew - Juventus were champions. Out of anger ordered Inter president Angelo Moratti that Inter fielded a youth team in the now meaningless replay to show the world that there was intrigue in Italian football. Juventus won 9-1. The consolation goal for the Milanese was scored by the young striker Sandro Mazzola , who appeared for the first time for the professional team and was to mature into one of the best players in Italy.

"Grande Inter" (1955–1972)

Season dates 1955–1972
season place Points
1955/56 3. 39
1956/57 5. 35
1957/58 9. 32
1958/59 3. 46
1959/60 4th 40
1960/61 3. 44
1961/62 2. 48
1962/63 1. 49
1963/64 2. 54
1964/65 1. 54
1965/66 1. 50
1966/67 2. 48
1967/68 5. 33
1968/69 4th 36
1969/70 2. 41
1970/71 1. 46
1971/72 5. 36
Highlighted in green: winning the championship

After the oil magnate Angelo Moratti became Inter-President, the Nerazzurri achieved great fame in the 1960s. The Angelo Moratti era is still considered the most successful time of the club, in which Inter became known worldwide. However, Helenio Herrera , the coach at the time, was also instrumental in the success. The Argentine , who grew up in Morocco , was not only famous for his game system (see Catenaccio ) but also for his unusual game preparation. In the locker room, for example, the players had to sing hymns or toss the ball in quick succession to develop trust and team spirit.

Internazionale after winning the European Cup in 1964/65

Herrera's nickname was "Il Mago" ', the magician. He built a disciplined and combative troop, was a master of exaggeration and dealt with sports psychology earlier than others . He established the role of the modern coaching profession. Under the leadership of the "slave driver" the Nerazzurri experienced their heyday. “Grande Inter” made it into a European Cup final three times in four years in the mid-1960s, two of which were won. From the 1961/62 season onwards, Inter never finished the championship worse than in second place in the following six years. a. by Tarcisio Burgnich and Aristide Guarneri , Armando Picchias a "cleaner" acting behind the man markers without direct opponents and a very compact midfield secured their own goal, on the offensive there were advances by full-back Giacinto Facchetti , counterattacks by Luis Suárez and Jair da Costa and on top of that a striker like Sandro Mazzola. This compact defensive orientation was a long-term recipe for success. Inter seldom played “nicely” and didn't score many goals, but they didn't give their opponents much chance to score. "Grande Inter" won in the season 1962/63 the "Scudetto" and a year later with a 3: 1-final victory over Real Madrid in Vienna the firstEuropean Champion Clubs' Cup . In the same year, Inter finished the championship as runner-up. This was preceded by the only play-off for the Serie A title against Bologna FC .

The club celebrated its greatest success up to then in the 1964/65 season, when Inter became the first Italian team to win the triple of the championship, European Cup and World Cup . In the European Cup final in San Siro , Benfica was defeated 1-0. Inter then defended the World Cup against Independiente from Argentina, which it had already won last year. Inter also reached the national championship final in 1967 , but lost 2-1 to Celtic Glasgow due to a questionable penalty decision . Ironically, it ended with the 10th championship title, the first championship starand as the first porter after Juventus, the glory days of the “Grande Inter”. In 1968 Angelo Moratti handed over his presidency to Ivanoe Fraizzoli. In the period that followed, several titles were won, but the club was unable to build on the successful period of the 1960s, especially on a European level. Only in 2010 should there be another success in the European premier class.

There was a scandal in October 1971 when, in the second round of the European Cup in the game Borussia Mönchengladbach against Inter, a fan allegedly threw a Coca-Cola can at the score of 2: 1 Inter player Roberto Boninsegna and replaced it let. Inter locked the cabin so that no official doctor could examine Boninsegna, and the game, which ended 7-1 for Borussia and went down in history as a rifle throwing game , was subsequently canceled. After a 0-0 replay, Inter moved into the next round. In the same season, the Nerazzurri reachedthe national championship final for the fourth time, but there they lost 2-0 to Ajax Amsterdam .

Inter after the Angelo Moratti era (1972-2005)

Season dates 1972-2005
season place Points
1972/73 5. 37
1973/74 4th 35
1974/75 9. 30th
1975/76 4th 37
1976/77 4th 33
1977/78 5. 36
1978/79 4th 36
1979/80 1. 41
1980/81 4th 36
1981/82 4th 35
1982/83 3. 38
1983/84 4th 35
1984/85 3. 38
1985/86 6th 32
1986/87 3. 38
1987/88 5. 32
1988/89 1. 58
1989/90 3. 44
1990/91 3. 46
1991/92 8th. 37
1992/93 2. 46
1993/94 13. 31
1994/95 6th 52
1995/96 7th 54
1996/97 3. 59
1997/98 2. 69
1998/99 8th. 46
1999/00 4th 58
2000/01 5. 51
2001/02 3. 69
2002/03 2. 65
2003/04 4th 59
2004/05 3. 72
Highlighted in green: winning the championship

Giuseppe Meazza died on August 21, 1979 and Milan's San Siro Stadium was named after him. In the season 1979/80 brought Inter the championship, while city rivals AC Milan because of a betting scandal 30 points were deducted.

In the early 1980s, Alessandro Altobelli , who scored 209 goals in 466 games for Inter , Gabriele Oriali , Graziano Bini , Ivano Bordon and Giuseppe Baresi played important roles at Inter . Inter won the Coppa Italia in both 1977/78 and 1981/82 .

In the spring of 1989 Inter was able to win the championship again under the coaching legend Giovanni Trapattoni . Part of this “Inter dei Record” team were goalkeeper Walter Zenga , defender Giuseppe Bergomi , midfielder Nicola Berti , striker Aldo Serena and the Germans Andreas Brehme and Lothar Matthäus . From the start there was little doubt that Inter would become champions. Inter took 58 out of a possible 68 points. In the same year, Inter also won Genoa with a 2-0 win over Sampdoriathe Italian Supercup for the first time .

May 11, 1994, Inter win the UEFA Cup for the second time

For the 1989/90 season Jürgen Klinsmann moved to Inter. During this time, after the soccer World Cup in 1990 , the three German soccer players Matthäus, Brehme and Klinsmann played a major role at Inter . So could the team - 26 years after the last international title of the club - in May 1991 against AS Roma the UEFA Cup 1991 win. Three years later both UEFA Cup finals were won 1-0 against SV Austria Salzburg after goals from Berti and Wim Jonk .

In 1995 Massimo Moratti , son of Angelo Moratti, became the club's president. But although the Moratti family invested heavily in players like Ronaldo and Christian Vieri , Inter could not completely convince in the league for a long time. Reasons for this were probably frequent coach changes, a partially wrong transfer policy or the permanent injury (s) of world star Ronaldo. In addition, the title decision in the last rounds of the 1997/98 season in favor of Juventus was very controversial due to some wrong referee decisions. At first, Moratti junior only succeeded in the 1998 UEFA Cup against Lazio Rome (a year earlier you had to face theFC Schalke 04 beaten).

In 1999, "Zio" Giuseppe Bergomi, who played for Inter throughout his career and held the club record for most appearances for a long time, ended his career. The captain's armband was taken over by Javier Zanetti . Also Gianluca Pagliuca , the 1994 Zenga in goal by Inter succeeded, left the club this year, as he by Angelo Peruzzi , the only one season with the Nerazzurri should be replaced remained. Another tragic event was the serious injury suffered by star striker Ronaldo on April 12, 2000 when he was making his comeback in the Italian Cup final. While many saw Ronaldo's career at the end, Inter heldcontinue to stick to the "phenomenon" and should be proved right. At the latest at the World Cup in 2002 , Ronaldo impressively demonstrated that he was still to be expected and became world champion and top scorer, but then moved to Real Madrid .

In 2002, Inter lost their almost certain title again on the last day of the match, with a bitter 2: 4 against Lazio Rome. In the following 2002/03 season , Inter was thrown out of the competition by AC Milan in the semi-finals of the Champions League with two draws.

In the 2004/05 season , Inter met AC Milan again in the quarter-finals. Because of fan riots in the second leg, which led to the game being abandoned (see fan groups ), Inter received a fine of 300,000 SFR and had to play the following four games in the Champions League behind closed doors, two more on probation if it did again by 2008 There would be riots.

In June 2005 the club accepted a challenge from the Mexican rebel organization EZLN to a football game against a selection of the rebels. Inter had already financially supported medical projects of the rebels in the Chiapas region .

Series champion and European triple (2006-2010)

Season dates 2005–2010
season place Points
2005/06 1. 76
2006/07 1. 97
2007/08 1. 85
2008/09 1. 84
2009/10 1. 82
Highlighted in green: winning the championship

On July 26, 2006, Inter was declared champions of the 2005/06 season in the wake of the football scandal in Italy , because the two clubs placed in front of him, Juventus Turin and AC Milan, were deducted from points. Due to the forced relegation of Juventus, Inter has also been the only club to have played in Serie A in every season since the 2006/07 season . With the obligations of Patrick Vieira and Zlatan Ibrahimović , Inter succeededalso to poach two key players from the forced transfer of Turin. The transfer of the Swede Ibrahimović in particular was a stroke of luck for the Milanese, as the striker was to become the defining player at Inter over the next three years.

With 17 consecutive victories, Inter set a European record in the 2006/07 season. They won from September 25, 2006, with a 4-1 victory over AS Livorno , every game and only had to accept the first loss of points on February 28, 2007 with a draw at Udinese Calcio . On April 22, 2007, Inter was able to secure the championship in Serie A again five game days before the end of the season. In 2005 and 2006, Inter also won the Coppa Italia twice in a row.

With the end of the 2007/08 season , the previous coach Roberto Mancini was dismissed despite winning the third Italian championship in a row. On June 2, 2008, the club announced the commitment of José Mourinho as coach for the coming season. The Portuguese was officially presented at a press conference on June 3rd.

Inter- Tifosi celebrate the Scudetto on May 16, 2008

Already in the 2008/09 season , the new head coach José Mourinho succeeded in realizing the first title win with Inter , the Italian championship could be won. In the Coppa Italia, on the other hand, they were eliminated in the semifinals with 1: 3 in total against Sampdoria Genoa , whereas in the four years before they had always reached at least the final.

Despite national dominance, Inter could still not show any great success at European level. In the 2005/06 Champions League season they were eliminated in the quarterfinals due to the away goals rule with 2-2 in total against Villarreal . 2006/07 followed by the off in the fourth round - again on away goals with 2: 2 in total score against FC Valencia . In the 2007/08 season they had to accept two defeats in the round of 16 against Liverpool (0-2, 0-1), and in 2008/09 followed against Manchester United after a goalless draw at home and a 2-0 defeat in Old Trafford again after the last sixteen the end.

Choreography before the 2010 UEFA Champions League final .

The 2009/10 season saw a change in the team structure and many changes were made. The Portuguese Luís Figo retired in the summer of 2009, his contract with striker Adriano had previously been terminated , Zlatan Ibrahimović moved to FC Barcelona and the Milanese received the Cameroonian Samuel Eto'o in return . Further commitments were made with the additions of Wesley Sneijder , Diego Milito , Thiago Motta and Lúcio . The season started in the championship as successfully as last year, Interwas able to set itself apart from the other teams in a group of three with AS Roma and AC Milan. On the 38th and final day of the match, the club's 18th championship title was secured, thereby surpassing city rivals AC Milan, which had 17 successes. In the Italian cup competition, the club won the final against AS Roma. Furthermore, after victories over FC Chelsea , CSKA Moscow and FC Barcelona, ​​they reached the final of the Champions League , in which the team defeated FC Bayern Munich 2-0. Inter became the first Italian club to win the " triple ".

Current developments (since 2010)

Season dates since 2010
season place Points
2010/11 2. 76
2011/12 6th 58
2012/13 9. 54
2013/14 5. 60
2014/15 8th. 55
2015/16 4th 67
2016/17 7th 62
2017/18 4th 72
2018/19 4th 69
2019/20 2. 82
Highlighted in green: winning the championship

After winning the Champions League, José Mourinho announced his move to Real Madrid . The Portuguese was replaced by Spanish coach Rafael Benítez , who won a title with a 3-1 win in the Italian Supercup against AS Roma at the beginning of the 2010/11 season . In the UEFA Super Cup , he and his team had to admit defeat to Europa League winners Atlético Madrid 0-2. As a Champions League winner, Inter was also eligible to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup. On December 18, 2010 this was with a 3-0 victory in the final over TP Mazembewon for the first time. Five days later, the employment relationship with Benítez was terminated prematurely. A day later, his successor was announced with the signing of Leonardo .

After the historic “triple” season, the 2010/11 season was relatively disappointing for Inter . In the championship they finished second after five titles in a row, six points behind local rivals Milan , with both derbies being lost to the Rossoneri . In the Champions League, Inter advanced to the quarter-finals as defending champions. a. by narrowly winning the round of 16 against Bayern Munich after two hard-fought games. In the round of the last eight followed two defeats against Schalke 04. On May 29, 2011, in the last game of the season, Inter defended the Italian Cup: the US Palermowas defeated 3-1 in the final in Rome. The outstanding player at Inter this season was Samuel Eto'o, who scored 37 goals in 53 competitive games. Only Antonio Angelillo was more successful for the Nerazzurri in the 1958/59 season (38 goals).

In June 2011, coach Leonardo was replaced by Gian Piero Gasperini , the former head coach of CFC Genoa . After a 3-1 defeat against promoted Novara Calcio and five games without a win, Inter dismissed coach Gasperini on September 21, 2011 and signed Claudio Ranieri . Ranieri make their debut away wins in the championship (3: 1 against Bologna) and the Champions League (3: 2 against CSKA Moscow). However, more victories followed a streak of disappointing results and after losing to Juventus Turin, Inter announced the split from Claudio Ranieri. Inter became the new coachAndrea Stramaccioni , who previously coached the youth team. The season ended in sixth place, which was disappointing for Inter .

On August 1, 2012, it was announced that a group of Chinese investors would become the second largest shareholder in Inter after the Italian Saras group , which is owned by the Moratti family . At the same time, it became known that the association, together with a subsidiary of China Railway Construction, is planning to build a new stadium by 2017. At the beginning of the 2012/13 season , the team structure of Inter Milan underwent major changes: Former top performers such as Maicon and Júlio César left the club. Newcomers such as Rodrigo Palacio and Samir Handanovičwere able to convince, but disappointed others. In addition, Inter had a lot of injury concerns this season. In the Europa League they were eliminated in the round of 16 against Tottenham Hotspur , the league ended in ninth place in the table. Thus, Inter missed international business for the first time in 14 years for the coming season. Shortly after the end of the season, coach Andrea Stramaccioni was replaced by Walter Mazzarri .

On October 15, 2013 it was announced that the investment group International Sports Capital, which is owned by the Indonesian businessmen Erick Thohir , Rosan Roeslani and Handy Soetedjo, is taking over 70% of the shares in the association. Thohir took over the office of club president, while Massimo Moratti was made honorary president of the Nerazzurri . After the season that Inter finished in fifth place in the table, the expiring contracts of long-time players Esteban Cambiasso , Walter Samuel , Diego Milito and Javier Zanetti were no longer extended or that of Cristian Chivu Disbanded by mutual agreement to rejuvenate the team and reduce salary costs.

Inter Milan eliminated in the second round of the Europa League 2014/15 against VfL Wolfsburg from. In the Italian Cup they were eliminated 0-1 in the quarter-finals in Naples . In the league you reached eighth place and thus you don't play European. In June 2016, the Chinese giant Suning Holdings Group , which manufactures household appliances, bought the traditional association.

Inter Milan qualified for the Champions League in 2017/18 by beating Lazio Rome on the last day of the season. Due to the direct comparison won, Inter still moved past Lazio Rome to fourth despite the worse goal difference . Thus, the Nerazzurri played for the first time since the 2011/12 season in the UEFA Champions League 2018/19 . In Group B, Inter Milan tied on points with Tottenham Hotspur , but dropped out of the competition in third place due to the lost direct comparison. In the following knockout phase of the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League, the Nerazzurri were defeated in the round of 16Eintracht Frankfurt .

Game and training facilities

Historic venues

Arena Civica (1940).

The first venue was the Campo Sportivo in Via Ripa Ticinese from 1908 to 1913 , the Campo Goldoni from 1913 to 1930 and the Arena Civica from 1930 to 1947 .


Home game at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium (2009).

In 1925 the club president of AC Milan, Piero Pirelli, decided on a new stadium and had the San Siro built within 13 months. Since then, the stadium has hosted numerous major sporting events, such as the soccer world championships in 1934 and 1990 , the soccer championship in 1980 and eleven European cup finals to date. It was originally owned by AC Milan, but the stadium has been shared between the two Milanese clubs since 1947. The inauguration took place on September 19, 1926 with a friendly game between Milan and Inter .

The official stadium name was given after a renovation in March 1980 in honor of the football player Giuseppe Meazza , who played for both Milanese clubs.

The San Siro is one of European football association UEFA in the category 4 ( Elite Stadium ) is arranged stadium and one of the largest in Europe. The stadium has been modernized several times since construction began and currently offers around 76,000 spectators. It also houses fan shops, restaurants and a museum where visitors can learn about the history of the two Milanese clubs.


Fans and followers

Ultras in the Curva Nord (2008)

While the AC Milan fan groups are traditionally to be found in the south curve of the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, the Inter fan groups are located in the north curve of the stadium, the "Curva Nord". Overall, the “Curva Nord” is a “right” curve, even if politics does not play such a large role among the supporters of Inter as it does with those of Lazio Rome or Hellas Verona .

Probably the best-known ultra group of Inter are the Boys SAN ("Squadra d'Azione Nerazurre", it. "Black and blue action units"). The Boys were founded in 1969, making them one of the oldest ultra groups in Italy. In addition, the boys were the first group to expressly acknowledge the right-wing ideology, while a large part of the other first groups had to do with or sympathized with the extra-parliamentary left.

Also known is the Irriducibili group, which was founded in 1988 and should not be confused with the Irriducibili of Lazio Rome, which has since been dissolved , even if both groups can be clearly assigned to the right-wing camp. The Irriducibili Inter were the group that caused the game to be abandoned in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals of the 2004/05 season against AC Milan by throwing flares onto the field and injuring Milan goalkeeper Dida .

Other well-known groups are the Ultras (founded in 1975), the Viking group (1984) and the Brianza Alcoolica (1985). The "Curva Nord Milano" association is an amalgamation of the ultra groups from Inter Milan in order to appear united to the club or the media, even if the individual groups continue to exist as such.

The Ultras of the Nerazzurri regularly organize colorful and unusual choreographies , but in the past they have also been involved in brutal clashes with Ultras from other associations or security forces, some of which have had serious consequences. On October 9, 1988, for example, 32-year-old Ascoli Calcio fan Reno Filippini was so badly injured by members of Boys SAN during the Ascoli versus Inter game that he succumbed to his injuries a week later.

Club anthems

The official club anthem of the Nerazzurri is C'è solo l'Inter ( there is only Inter ). The song, composed and produced by the Italian musician Elio , was released in October 2002 and was dedicated to Giuseppe Prisco , long-time vice-president of the Nerazzurri , who died in December 2001. The song, sung by Graziano Romani , made it into the top 20 of the Italian charts in December of its year of publication.

In 2003, the Inter players also recorded the song Pazza Inter ( Crazy Inter ). The song is part of the CD Inter Compilation , which was released in September 2003.

C'è solo l'Inter is played and sung at home games of the Nerazzurri . However , this is no longer the case with Pazza Inter , as Inter could not agree on the rights of use with the record company.


AC Milan

Game scene from the Derby della Madonnina from 1973

First of all, one of the most famous football derbies in the world should be mentioned, the Milan city derby. The Derby della Madonnina , which was named after the statue of the Madonna on the central spire of the Milan Cathedral and, unlike many other derbies, is not characterized by geographical, cultural or political contrasts, but is particularly explosive because Inter from the older AC Milan emerged, both clubs share the stadium and the clubs are equally successful nationally and internationally. Milan is the only city that is home to two Champions League winners.

Both clubs and Juventus Turin have been regular competitors for the Italian championship since the beginning of the Italian first division.

Juventus Turin

Game scene from the Derby d'Italia around 1933.

Also well known is the Derby d'Italia , between Inter Milan and Juventus Turin . Both clubs were regular competitors for national titles as early as the 1930s, but the name Derby d'Italia did not appear until the 1960s, when Inter was the most successful Italian club on an international level and Juventus was the most successful club in Italy, and both northern Italian teams for the athletic supremacy competed on the Apennine peninsula. Until the forced relegation of Juventus in 2006 , both teams were also the only ones who had never been relegated from Serie A.

AS Roma

After the forced relegation of Juventus Turin and a phase of weak sporting AC Milan, AS Roma developed into one of Inter's major competitors . Between the 2004/05 and 2009/10 seasons , both teams won 14 of 18 national titles, with Inter mostly keeping the better end to themselves: From 2006 to 2010, the Milanese won five championships in a row, with AS Roma being runner-up four times. Master. Both clubs met in five of six Coppa Italia finals between 2005 and 2010 , including Interthree and AS Roma won two. Only in 2008/09 did the two teams meet in the quarter-finals of the cup competition, with AS Roma having to give up, while Inter were eliminated in the semi-finals. In the period mentioned, both teams also met four times in the game for the Supercoppa Italiana , with Inter celebrating three and AS Roma only one success. Another factor contributing to the rivalry between the Milanese and the Romans was the fact that Inter also managed to win over the capital city top performers such as Cristian Chivu ( 2007/08 ) or Mancini ( 2008/09 ) during the period in question) to woo away.


Inter fans also count the clubs Atalanta Bergamo , Hellas Verona , SSC Napoli and Fiorentina among their rivals. A fan friendship exists with the supporters of Lazio Rome . The Boys SAN (see fans and followers ) also indicate that a friendship between the Ultras of AS Varese 1910 and the ultras Yomus of Valencia is.

Financial situation and ownership

The Football Club Internazionale Milano SpA was until 2016 a subsidiary of International Sports Capital HK Ltd. from Erick Thohir (70%), further shares were held by Internazionale Holding Srl of the former Inter-President Massimo Moratti (29.5%) and Pirelli (0.5%). On June 6, 2016, the Chinese Suning Holdings Group announced an agreement to acquire 68.55% of the shares for around 270 million euros; Erick Thohir reduced his stake to around 31% and became the only minority shareholder, Moratti sold his shares.

In the 2016/17 season, Inter Milan generated a turnover of 262.1 million euros, making it the second top-selling football club in Italy , and the club is in 15th place worldwide in this category.

Suppliers and sponsors

The supplier has been the sporting goods manufacturer Nike since 1998 , the contract runs until 2023. The current main sponsor of Inter Milan has been Pirelli since 1995 .

Period Outfitter Main sponsor
1979-1981 puma
1981-1982 Inno hit
1982-1986 Mecsport Misura
1986-1988 Le Coq Sportif
1988-1991 Uhlsport
1991-1992 Umbro FitGar
1992-1995 Fiorucci
1995-1998 Pirelli
1998–0000 Nike

Club colors and crests

Since it was founded in 1908, Inter has been wearing the colors black and blue, with black or white trousers and black socks. The away shirt is traditionally kept in white. Today's club crest is black, blue, white and gold. It shows a monogram with the letters F , C , I and M in the middle .

facts and figures

Club successes

Award ceremony after the final of the Coppa Italia 2006.
National title season
Italian championship 18th 1909/10 , 1919/20 , 1929/30 , 1937/38 , 1939/40 , 1952/53 , 1953/54 , 1962/63 , 1964/65 , 1965/66 , 1970/71 , 1979/80 , 1988 / 89 , 2005/06 , 2006/07 , 2007/08 , 2008/09 , 2009/10
Italian Cup 7th 1938/39 , 1977/78 , 1981/82 , 2004/05 , 2005/06 , 2009/10 , 2010/11
Italian Supercup 5 1989 , 2005 , 2006 , 2008 , 2010
International title season
European Champion Clubs' Cup /
UEFA Champions League
3 1963/64 , 1964/65 , 2009/10
UEFA Cup /
UEFA Europa League
3 1990/91 , 1993/94 , 1997/98
Worldwide title season
World cup 2 1964 , 1965
FIFA Club World Cup 1 2010

Note: The 2005/06 championship title was awarded through the involvement of Juventus Turin (forced relegation) and AC Milan in the Italian football manipulation scandal Inter Milan.

Successes of the youth teams

Individual successes


Ballon d'Or (European Footballer of the Year) (3)

FIFA Ballon d'Or / FIFA World Player of the Year (4)

FIFA Coach of the Year (1)

UEFA Club Football Awards (7)

Best Player of the FIFA Club World Cup (1)

World Soccer (3)

Africa's Footballer of the Year (2)


Top Scorer (14)

Footballer of the Year / Guerin d'Oro (10)

Trainer of the Year (2)


Squad of the professional team (2020/21)

No. Nat. Surname Date of birth In the team since Contract until
01 SloveniaSlovenia Samir Handanovič (C)Captain of the crew July 14, 1984 2012 2021
27 ItalyItaly Daniele Padelli October 25, 1985 2017 2021
97 RomaniaRomania Ionuț Radu May 28, 1997 2019 2024
06th NetherlandsNetherlands Stefan de Vrij 5th February 1992 2018 2023
11 SerbiaSerbia Aleksandar Kolarov November 10, 1985 2020 2021
13 ItalyItaly Andrea Ranocchia February 16, 1988 2011 2021
33 ItalyItaly Danilo D'Ambrosio September 9, 1988 2014 2021
36 ItalyItaly Matteo Darmian 2nd December 1989 2020 2021
37 SlovakiaSlovakia Milan Škriniar February 11, 1995 2017 2023
95 ItalyItaly Alessandro Bastoni April 13, 1999 2017 2023
midfield player
02 MoroccoMorocco Achraf Hakimi November 4, 1998 2020 2025
05 ItalyItaly Roberto Gagliardini April 7, 1994 2017 2023
08th UruguayUruguay Matías Vecino August 24, 1991 2017 2022
12 ItalyItaly Stefano Sensi 5th August 1995 2019 2024
14th CroatiaCroatia Ivan Perišić February 2, 1989 2015 2022
15th EnglandEngland Ashley Young July 9, 1985 2020 2021
22nd ChileChile Arturo Vidal May 22, 1987 2020 2022
23 ItalyItaly Nicolò Barella February 7, 1997 2019 2024
24 DenmarkDenmark Christian Eriksen February 14, 1992 2020 2024
44 BelgiumBelgium Radja Nainggolan May 4, 1988 2018 2022
77 CroatiaCroatia Marcelo Brozović November 16, 1992 2015 2022
07th ChileChile Alexis Sánchez December 19, 1988 2019 2023
09 BelgiumBelgium Romelu Lukaku May 13, 1993 2019 2024
10 ArgentinaArgentina Lautaro Martínez August 22, 1997 2018 2023
99 ItalyItaly Andrea Pinamonti May 19, 1999 2020 2024
As of October 5, 2020

Squad changes for the 2020/21 season

time player Previous club
Summer break /
ItalyItaly Matteo Darmian ItalyItaly Parma Calcio (loan)
MoroccoMorocco Achraf Hakimi SpainSpain real Madrid
SerbiaSerbia Aleksandar Kolarov ItalyItaly AS Roma
BelgiumBelgium Radja Nainggolan ItalyItaly Cagliari Calcio (loan end)
CroatiaCroatia Ivan Perišić GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich (loan end)
ItalyItaly Andrea Pinamonti ItalyItaly CFC genoa
RomaniaRomania Ionuț Radu ItalyItaly Parma Calcio (loan end)
ChileChile Arturo Vidal SpainSpain FC Barcelona
time player Receiving club
Summer break /
GhanaGhana Kwadwo Asamoah Unknown
ItalyItaly Tommaso Berni Unknown
ItalyItaly Cristiano Biraghi ItalyItaly Fiorentina (loan end)
ItalyItaly Antonio Candreva ItalyItaly Sampdoria Genoa
ItalyItaly Sebastiano Esposito ItalyItaly SPAL Ferrara (loan)
UruguayUruguay Diego Godin ItalyItaly Cagliari Calcio
NigeriaNigeria Victor Moses EnglandEngland Chelsea FC (loan end)
SpainSpain Borja Valero ItalyItaly AC Florence

Club management

Coaching staff
function Surname
Head coach Antonio Conte
Assistant coach Cristian Stellini
Chief analyst Michele Salzarulo
Goalkeeping coach Adriano Bonaiuti
Technical assistant Gianluca Conte
Paolo Vanoli
Fitness trainer Costantino Coratti
Julio Tous
Team doctor Alessandro Corsini
Luca Pulici
Alessandro Quaglia
Youth coach Armando Madonna
function Surname
president Steven Zhang
Vice President Javier Zanetti
Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe Marotta
Sports director Piero Ausilio
Finance Director Tim Williams
Team manager Gabriele Oriali
Fabio Pinna
Junior coordinator Roberto Samaden
Marketing manager Luca Danovaro
Medical director Piero Volpi

Former players

Player records

Status: end of season 2019/20; Players in bold are still active. All competitive games and goals are given.

Record player

Surname Period league Cup European Cup Others total
01 ArgentinaArgentina Javier Zanetti 1995-2014 615 71 162 10 858
02 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Bergomi 1980-1999 519 119 117 2 756
03 ItalyItaly Giacinto Facchetti 1961-1978 475 85 73 10 634
04th ItalyItaly Sandro Mazzola 1961-1977 417 80 67 9 565
05 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Baresi 1977-1992 392 94 73 1 559
06th ItalyItaly Mario Corso 1958-1973 414 40 48 12 502
07th ItalyItaly Walter Zenga 1983-1994 328 73 71 1 473
08th ItalyItaly Tarcisio Burgnich 1962-1974 358 47 57 12 467
09 ItalyItaly Alessandro Altobelli 1977-1988 317 80 69 - 466
10 ColombiaColombia Iván Cordoba 2000-2012 323 34 94 5 454

Record goal scorers

Surname Period league Cup European Cup Others total
01 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Giuseppe Meazza 1927-1940
243 12 - 29 284
02 ItalyItaly Alessandro Altobelli 1977-1988 128 46 35 - 209
03 ItalyItaly Roberto Boninsegna 1969-1976 113 36 22nd 2 171
04th ItalyItaly Sandro Mazzola 1961-1977 116 24 17th 5 160
05 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Luigi Cevenini 1912-1927 158 - - - 158
06th ItalyItaly Benito Lorenzi 1947-1958 138 2 3 - 143
07th Hungary 1957Hungary István Nyers 1948-1954 133 - - - 133
08th ArgentinaArgentina Mauro Icardi 2013-2019 111 3 10 - 124
09 ItalyItaly Christian Vieri 1999-2005 103 8th 12 - 123
10 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Ermanno Aebi 1910-1922 106 - - - 106


Term of office Surname
1908-1909 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Hernst Marktl
1909-1915 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Virgilio Fossati
1919-1922 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Ermanno Aebi
1922-1931 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Leopoldo Conti
1931-1940 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Giuseppe Meazza
1940-1943 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Attilio Demaría
1945-1950 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Aldo Campatelli
1950-1954 ItalyItaly Attilio Giovannini
1954-1956 ItalyItaly Gino Armano
1956-1957 ItalyItaly Giovanni Giacomazzi
1957-1958 ItalyItaly Giovanni Invernizzi
1958-1961 ItalyItaly Antonio Angelillo
1961–1962 ItalyItaly Bruno Bolchi
1962-1967 ItalyItaly Armando Picchi
Term of office Surname
1967-1970 ItalyItaly Mario Corso
1970-1977 ItalyItaly Sandro Mazzola
1977-1988 ItalyItaly Giacinto Facchetti
1978-1985 ItalyItaly Graziano Bini
1985-1988 ItalyItaly Alessandro Altobelli
1988-1992 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Baresi
1992-1999 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Bergomi
1999-2014 ArgentinaArgentina Javier Zanetti
2014-2015 ItalyItaly Andrea Ranocchia
2015-2019 ArgentinaArgentina Mauro Icardi
2019– SloveniaSlovenia Samir Handanovič

Coach history

  • First trainer: Virgilio Fossati , from 1909 to 1915.
  • Longest terms of office:
  • Most games as coach: Helenio Herrera over 366 games.
Head coach
Term of office Surname
1909-1915 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Virgilio Fossati
1919-1920 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Nino Resegotti and Francesco Mauro
Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) 
1922-1924 EnglandEngland Bob Spotishwood
1924-1926 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Paulo Schiedler
1926-1928 Hungary 1918Hungary Árpád Weisz
1928-1929 Hungary 1918Hungary József viola
1929-1931 Hungary 1918Hungary Árpád Weisz
1931-1932 Hungary 1918Hungary István Tóth-Potya
1932-1934 Hungary 1918Hungary Árpád Weisz
1935-1936 Hungary 1918Hungary Gyula Feldmann
1936 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Albino Carraro
1936-1938 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Armando Castellazzi
1938-1940 AustriaAustria Anton Cargnelli
1940-1941 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Giuseppe Peruchetti and Italo Zamberletti
Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) 
1941-1942 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Ivo Fiorentini
1942-1943 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Giovanni Ferrari
1945-1946 Italy 1861Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) Carlo Carcano
1946 ItalyItaly Nino Nutrizio
1947-1948 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Meazza
1948 ItalyItaly Carlo Carcano
1948 WalesFlag of Wales (1959 – present) .svg Dai Astley
1949-1950 ItalyItaly Giulio Cappelli
1950-1952 ItalyItaly Aldo Olivieri
1952-1955 ItalyItaly Alfredo Foni
1955 ItalyItaly Aldo Campatelli
1955-1956 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Meazza
1956 ItalyItaly Annibale Frossi
1957 ItalyItaly Luigi Ferrero
Head coach
Term of office Surname
1957 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Meazza
1957-1958 EnglandEngland Jesse Carver
1958 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Bigogno
1959-1960 ItalyItaly Aldo Campatelli
1960 ItalyItaly Camillo Achilli
1960 ItalyItaly Giulio Cappelli
1960-1968 ArgentinaArgentina Helenio Herrera
1968-1969 ItalyItaly Alfredo Foni
1969-1970 Paraguay 1954Paraguay Heriberto Herrera
1970-1973 ItalyItaly Giovanni Invernizzi
1973 ItalyItaly Enea Masiero
1973 ArgentinaArgentina Helenio Herrera
1974 ItalyItaly Enea Masiero
1974-1975 Spain 1945Spain Luis Suarez
1975-1977 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Chiappella
1977-1982 ItalyItaly Eugenio Bersellini
1982-1983 ItalyItaly Rino Marchesi
1983-1984 ItalyItaly Luigi Radice
1984-1986 ItalyItaly Ilario Castagner
1986 ItalyItaly Mario Corso
1986-1991 ItalyItaly Giovanni Trapattoni
1991-1992 ItalyItaly Corrado Orrico
1992 SpainSpain Luis Suarez
1992-1994 ItalyItaly Osvaldo Bagnoli
1994 ItalyItaly Giampiero Marini
1994-1995 ItalyItaly Ottavio Bianchi
1995 SpainSpain Luis Suarez
1995-1997 EnglandEngland Roy Hodgson
1997 ItalyItaly Luciano Castellini
Head coach
Term of office Surname
1997-1998 ItalyItaly Luigi Simoni
1998-1999 RomaniaRomania Mircea Lucescu
1999 ItalyItaly Luciano Castellini
1999 EnglandEngland Roy Hodgson
1999-2000 ItalyItaly Marcello Lippi
2000-2001 ItalyItaly Marco Tardelli
2001-2003 ArgentinaArgentina Héctor Cúper
2003-2004 ItalyItaly Alberto Zaccheroni
2004-2008 ItalyItaly Roberto Mancini
2008-2010 PortugalPortugal José Mourinho
2010 SpainSpain Rafael Benítez
2010-2011 BrazilBrazil Leonardo
2011 ItalyItaly Gian Piero Gasperini
2011–2012 ItalyItaly Claudio Ranieri
2012-2013 ItalyItaly Andrea Stramaccioni
2013-2014 ItalyItaly Walter Mazzarri
2014-2016 ItalyItaly Roberto Mancini
2016 NetherlandsNetherlands Frank de Boer
2016 ItalyItaly Stefano Vecchi
2016-2017 ItalyItaly Stefano Pioli
2017 ItalyItaly Stefano Vecchi
2017-2019 ItalyItaly Luciano Spalletti
2019– ItalyItaly Antonio Conte

Presidential history

Angelo (right) and Massimo Moratti (middle) (1967)
Term of office Surname
1908 Giovanni Paramithiotti
1909 Ettore Strauss
1910-1912 Carlo De Medici
1912-1913 Emilio Hirzel
1913-1914 Luigi Ansbacher
1914-1919 Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone
1919-1920 Giorgio Hulss
1920-1923 Francesco Mauro
1923-1926 Enrico Olivetti
1926-1928 Senatore Borletti
1928-1929 Ernesto Torrusio
1929-1931 Oreste Simonotti
Term of office Surname
1932-1942 Ferdinando Pozzani
1942-1955 Carlo Rinaldo Masseroni
1955-1968 Angelo Moratti
1968-1984 Ivanoe Fraizzoli
1984-1995 Ernesto Pellegrini
1995-2004 Massimo Moratti
2004-2006 Giacinto Facchetti
2006-2013 Massimo Moratti
2013-2019 Erick Thohir
2019– Steven Zhang


The Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport voted the football club in 2008 and 2010 " Italy's Team of the Year ".

Women's team

The women's soccer team has been in existence since 2018 and will play in Serie A , the top division for women , in the 2019/20 season .

Web links

Commons : Inter Milan  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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