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Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) in many Anglophone countries refers to the executive board member (see managing director ) or the chairman of the board or general director (see chairman or president of the executive board ) of a company or, in general, its managing director who is solely authorized to sign . Occasionally, Anglo-Saxon titles like these are used in the course of the internationalization of companies in German-speaking countries, but without being relevant under commercial or corporate law.



For people who run German companies or work in German companies, CEO is merely an additional designation that is not legally relevant and does not affect the meanings of the managing director or chairman as defined under commercial and company law .


The term CEO is also irrelevant in Swiss commercial and corporate law . He is regarded merely as a function paraphrase mostly for the manager when used in personal union be chairman or Chief Executive Officer.


In Austrian law, the term CEO has no further meaning and is only viewed as an additional designation.

Different meaning

In British English this position is referred to as Managing Director , but in US English this is associated with a lower (middle) level of the hierarchy . In US companies where the board consists of several people, the first board member is often referred to as the CEO , which corresponds to the German chairman.

In some countries - such as Canada - the CEO is part of the executive board, but is not the chairman, but is on an equal footing with the CFO in the hierarchy.

The term CEO is also used in politics and public administration . Thus, the central government of the Chinese Special District Hong Kong appointed president or governor in the English transmitting the official title of Chief Executive (Officer) .

The CEO and President are to be distinguished from the Chairman of the Board (COB) , who corresponds to a chairman of the supervisory board (Switzerland: chairman of the board of directors) of stock corporations or an advisory board chairman of companies with other types of company (see also supervisory board, board of directors (Switzerland) , corporate advisory board ).

The CEO , who heads the committee , is also to be distinguished from the CO or CxO , the Chief ... Officer , who is a normal board member (member of the board of directors) and in this function mostly for a specific area (e.g. as Chief Financial Officer (CFO ) for finance) responsible is.

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