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General manager (also English General Manager ) is the name for the head of a medium-sized or large institution under which other directors generally work for individual areas.

This designation no longer has any legal meaning in Germany. There the company managers are either generically referred to as " managing directors " (in the case of a company ) or more specifically, e.g. B. referred to as " CEO " or " Executive Board " (in a stock corporation ). The title “General Director” has been considered antiquated in Germany, in internal company use, since the 1970s. However, this does not represent a uniform view, as the title is still used in practice in some areas, especially when designations such as B. “General Director” or “Chief Executive” are not applicable due to the specific organizational form.


The function of the general director is in particular:

Economic function

  • In large companies or in corporations : In commercial enterprises in German-speaking countries, the title and position of general director for the highest-ranking manager were found. The term was sometimes used as a synonym for CEO .
  • In hotels of international hotel chains, the directors of the individual hotels are general managers . You have, depending on the requirements of the house, other directors for sales, human resources, economic department (gastronomy) etc. under yourself.
  • In the German Democratic Republic a general director was the head of a combine .
  • At museums (also general curator), theaters or opera houses (also: general director )

Political function

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Individual evidence

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  3. The Council of ESA (European Space Agency) appointed Johann-Dietrich Wörner (formerly DLR ) on December 18, 2014 as the next Director General ESA: Director General