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A chairman ( English chairman , English chair for short ; French président ) is a person who heads a collegial body .


The word chairman is linguistically the noun agentis of chair , the function of chairman. His official title can also be, for example, President , General Manager or First Director . The word chairman first appeared in 1777 with Justus Gottlieb Rabener . While the question of the chairmanship does not arise in the case of the individual body , the collegiate body elects the chairman of the collegial body either from its members or another body . For example, the supervisory board of a German stock corporation elects a chairman and at least one deputy from among its members in accordance with Section 107 (1 ) AktG , because the supervisory board consists of at least three members ( Section 95 AktG).


The chairman is usually not a superior or superior of the other members of the collegial body. It regulates the administrative tasks , conducts negotiations , coordinates the agenda , conducts time management , leads polls by and announce decisions . The chairman of the supervisory board, for example, calls the meeting in accordance with Section 110 (1) AktG. Minutes of the meetings is a transcript to customize, the chairman shall sign ( § 107 para. 2 AktG). If the supervisory board appoints several people as members of the management board, the chairman of the supervisory board can appoint one member to be chairman of the management board ( Section 84 (2) AktG). He is the chairman of the general meeting . That is why the chairman of the supervisory board has a special position: he can only perform most of his duties with the other members of the supervisory board (he is a collegiate body), and he acts as an individual body in leading the general meeting. In companies with codetermination , the supervisory board elects a chairman and a deputy from among its members ( Section 27 (1) MitbestG ). The chairman of the board represents the board of directors as a collegial body, he is the leader of board meetings and coordinator of board work, but does not have to be the board spokesman at the same time.


Depending on the type of collegial body, there are chairpersons of the advisory board ( scientific advisory board at the Federal Ministry of Finance ), committee ( parliamentary control body ), collegial court ( chairing judge ), organ ( chairman of the board of directors , chairman of the supervisory board ), politics ( chairman of a parliamentary group , chairman of a party ), council body ( chairman of the works council , Federal Council , Bundestag , Municipal Council , Staff Council , City Council , Chairman of the Council of State ) or administrative advisory board . The administrator assumes the chairmanship of the apartment owners' meeting ( Section 24 (5 ) WEG ).

International's CEO in Switzerland Chairman of the Board , in Anglo-Saxon countries Chairman of the Board .

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