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Deputy is one with the power to delegate appointed individual in organizations that in the absence of the actual position holder whose function takes over.


Organizations are companies , authorities or other associations of persons . You must also be able to act remain when the really competent staff or policy makers are absent. In order for this to be possible, there are rules on absence that provide that certain persons as absentee representatives are allowed to perform the same tasks , competencies and responsibilities of those absent in accordance with the congruence principle of the organization . There are deputies at all hierarchical levels with external impact . The deputy can be regulated personally by naming a specific person or organizationally by being a deputy.


In the case of absence, the work content of the substitute expands to include the area of work of the absent person, so that the substitute can involve a higher workload . In performing his duties, the deputy has to act in the spirit and spirit of the position holder represented; he may not make any decisions that he knows or must assume will not do justice to the position holder's ideas. It corresponds to the nature of the representation that the discretion of the representative is limited thereby. The responsibility of the post holder and the deputy is based on the principles of delegation of responsibility, whereby the deputy in particular must always be able to represent himself and, in the case of deputy, properly exercise the delegation area of ​​the post holder. The representative represents a supervisor , it is necessary to clarify whether and to what extent he whose skills obtained. The deputy of a manager or a disciplinary superior will usually be colleagues on the same hierarchy level, otherwise the tasks of personnel management and disciplinary decisions are usually not assigned to deputies.


In companies, there must be at least one deputy for each position with the same qualifications as the person being represented so that the work process can be maintained at the workplace without disruptions to operations . Jumpers can be used as a substitute for unintended deputies. In addition to these temporary deputies ( absentee deputies ), there are also deputies, especially on the board of directors , management or the supervisory board , whose function consists permanently of deputy chairperson, for example. The appointment of absentee representatives for executives is essential for every managerial position , because many managerial tasks cannot be postponed and must be performed at all times. The representative in absence should be able to take over the tasks of the representative in his absence at any time.

Office level

At the official level , a deputy is a person authorized by an office holder or his superior to exercise an office during the absence or prevention of the full-time office holder. In agencies headed by a president , the vice-president is his permanent, general deputy. In a Ministry , the (tenured) State or vice minister the Deputy Minister, the Vice Chancellor is Vice Chancellor . The public law differentiated into general and specific representation as well as permanent or only temporary substitution.

Archive, library

In librarianship, a representative is called an object that is in the correct system position on the shelf for the corresponding book. For example, a piece of cardboard with the title of the book on it. The book itself is usually in a place inaccessible to the reader, e.g. B. a magazine or the circulation desk. In this way, you can reduce possible theft or protect valuable books from too much light.


The Roman Catholic Church describes the Pope as " representative of Christ " ( Latin: Vicarius Iesu Christi ) and "representative of Christ on earth" . He bears the titles "Bishop of Rome" ( Latin Episcopus Romanus ), "Successor of the Prince of the Apostles" ( Latin Successor Principis Apostolorum ), "Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church" ( Latin Summus Pontifex Ecclesiae Universalis ), "Primate of Italy" ( Latin Primas Italiae ), “Servant of the Servants of God” ( Latin Servus Servorum Dei ) and “Sovereign of the Vatican State” as secular titles under international law. Transferred to the deputy in office, the Pope is not a deputy, but has a general power of attorney.


Deputies only take on this function temporarily during the absence of the actual job holder. They differ in this from the legal representation and the legally granted power of attorney , which can remain effective for a longer period of time ( general power of attorney ).

Individual evidence

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