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A vice minister or deputy minister is a politician and / or civil servant .


In a Ministry is Secretary or Deputy Minister of the deputy of the minister as head of the authority. In West German usage, a distinction is generally made between the state secretary and an official, the minister - and thus also the vice minister - a commissioned politician. On the other hand, there are also parliamentary state secretaries in Germany who are always politicians. This does not necessarily apply to other countries.

The public law differentiated into general and specific (individual agendas of the portfolio based) representation as well as permanent or only temporary substitution (for prevention of the Minister).

America (United States)

Deputy ministers in the United States are called Deputy Secretary . The next lower rank of Under Secretary corresponds to the German State Secretary and the Assistant Secretary to a department head (unlike what the Interwiki link suggests here).

Federal Republic of Germany

There is no function of vice or deputy minister. Deputies of the Minister are the Parliamentary State Secretaries and the State Secretaries in civil service .

German Democratic Republic

In the GDR, each ministry usually had several deputy ministers. Their function roughly corresponded to that of a department head in a German ministry.


Viceministras is an official of the political (personal) trust of the minister. He is appointed and dismissed by the minister. He does not represent the Minister in the constitutional sense. Only another minister may represent the minister. He corresponds to a head of cabinet .

The position was introduced in 1996. Up until that time there were pirmasis ministro pavaduotojas ('First Deputy Minister') and ministro pavaduotojas ('Deputy Minister').


State secretaries , like ministers, are appointed to form a government (i.e. they are politicians), but formally do not belong to the federal government. They are bound by the instructions of the respective member of the government.


Vice minister is a person of personal confidence of the minister (roughly head of cabinet ). There are Первый заместитель Министра ('First Deputy Minister') and Статс-секретарь - заместитель Министра ('State Secretary - Deputy Minister').


Members of the Swiss Federal Council represent each other according to a previously established scheme.

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