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A department head (also AL or AbtL) is a manager who heads the organizational unit of the department .

The tasks of the department head are structured and named in the job description and the organizational chart of the company . His tasks include the technical-organizational and personnel management of the department, for example the flow of information , the coordination with other departments, and he is the interface to the direct superior or to the management .

In a company, in addition to the department head, there may also be, for example, section , department, subject, group , team , department and main department heads (HAL). The hierarchy is handled differently in companies or in their special types of company .

The Bundeswehr also has department heads from the battalion level up, but especially in large units.

In the police , department heads are called department heads .

Especially in larger organizations, department heads, main department heads, department heads or overall department heads are superordinate to the department head. As an alternative to this designation, in some organizations the head of department (RL) is hierarchically above the heads of department in his business area.

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