Chief Officer (Economy)

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A Chief ... Officer ( CO or CxO ) refers to an executive in English-speaking countries . The usual use of the CO is that of a board member .

Chief without adding the title “Officer” (for example “Chief Administrator”) is usually a common term in English-speaking countries for a department head in a larger company and corresponds to the use of “Senior” (“Senior Administrator”).

The names from the American and Anglo-Saxon regions are becoming more and more popular in the German-speaking region due to globalization and internationalization . Marketing and image goals are also pursued here.

Derived from this, the first management level of a company is also referred to as the “C-Level”.

List of Chief Officers

The following list gives an overview of the possible CO titles. Traditionally, the chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operations officer (COO) can be found most frequently. However, it should be noted that the selection of chief officers in a particular company always depends on its industry and / or specialization . That said, a tech company is more likely to employ a chief technical officer than a media company that is likely to hire a chief creative officer . In addition, not all COs have to be found at board level.