Chief Security Officer

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The Chief Security Officer ( CSO ) is usually the group manager responsible for security . This includes areas such as IT and information security, organizational and physical security as well as electronic and mechanical security devices. The Chief Security Officer is directly responsible for the implementation, compliance and development of security-related issues. This occupational category is part of the top security management area and often reports directly to corporate management.

The area of ​​responsibility of a Chief Security Officer is very extensive and requires a high degree of reliability and responsibility. Conventional security checks, as standardized for security employees without a management function and without employment in specially secured areas, should not be sufficient here. Rather, in such cases an application for a security check is submitted to the responsible ministry (e.g. Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology).

The position of “Chief Information Security Officer” ( CISO ), which often has a similar orientation, is also often assigned in companies .

Increasingly, CSO also stands for other titles such as “Chief Strategic Officer” or “Chief Sales Officer”.