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Ulrich Wilcken (born December 18, 1862 in Stettin , † December 10, 1944 in Baden-Baden ) was a German ancient historian and papyrologist .


After studying history and Oriental studies at the Universities of Leipzig , Tübingen and Berlin Wilcken in 1885 with a thesis on the Roman Egypt based on the Berlin papyri doctorate . His most important academic teacher was Theodor Mommsen , who continued to support him and gave him a job cataloging the papyri of the Royal Library in Berlin. Wilcken went on various study trips and completed his habilitation in ancient history in 1888.

In 1889 he became associate professor for ancient history at the University of Breslau (as successor of Eduard Meyers ) at the intercession of Mommsen , where he prevailed against Karl Julius Beloch thanks to Mommsen's help . In 1900 he was appointed to the University of Würzburg , in 1903 to the University of Halle (again as Eduard Meyer's successor), in 1906 to the one in Leipzig, where he became a member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig in the same year , to the University of Bonn in 1912 and in 1915 to the Munich University , where he headed both the Department of Ancient History and the Department of Papyrus studies and was appointed a full member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in the same year . Wilcken changed universities for the last time in 1917 when he succeeded Otto Hirschfeld in Berlin. He was a member of the Saxon Society of Sciences (since 1906), the Prussian Academy of Sciences (since 1921), the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome (since 1921), the Göttingen Academy of Sciences (since 1921), the British Academy (since 1926) and the then Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since 1931). In 1931 he retired .


Wilcken was the pioneer of Greco-Roman papyrology in Germany. With the support of Theodor Mommsen he created extensive corpora of the Ptolemaic papyrus documents and the ostraka and in 1901 founded the specialist journal Archive for Papyrus Research and Related Areas . Since then, among other things, his indispensable documentary report, the review of newly published editions of documentary papyri, which is continued to this day, has appeared in this. His papyrological introduction and selection collection ( basics and chrestomathy of papyrus studies ), which he wrote together with Ludwig Mitteis , was fundamental in academic teaching for a long time. Wilcken's Greek History was also published again and again over the decades and was regarded as a standard work at least until the 1960s .


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