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Some volumes from the BBKL

The Biographisch-Bibliographische Kirchenlexikon ( BBKL ) is a biobibliographical reference work on church history that was founded in 1975 by the Protestant theologian and writer Friedrich Wilhelm Bautz . Today it is published by the Traugott Bautz publishing house .

With over 20,000 articles on deceased people, the BBKL is an important source of biographical information on people from the history of the Church as well as the history of philosophy . In addition to the presentation of the lives of people from the fields of theology , history , literature , music , painting , education and philosophy and with a description of the development of their work, the BBKL contains bibliographies of the works of the listed persons as well as a selection of secondary literature .

In addition to scientific representations, the BBKL also contains articles compiled from popular saint calendars. In particular, the Innsbruck church historian Ekkart Sauser has been criticized on various occasions for his numerous BBKL articles. Serious errors and omissions are corrected in the online edition of the BBKL with additions and supplements.

With the exception of a few articles whose authors did not consent to electronic exploitation, the entire work had been available as a full-text edition on the Internet free of charge since 1996. Since April 2011 only a few lines of the beginning of the article are freely available; A paid subscription must be taken out to display the entire text including the work and literature information.

For some articles, especially from earlier editions, the authors of the lemmas have continued to make their work available on other servers free of charge.



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