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The Lexicon for Theology and Church ( LThK ) is a Christian theological encyclopedia with a focus on the teachings and institutions of the Catholic Church .

All editions were published by Herder Verlag in Freiburg im Breisgau ; the common scientific abbreviation is LThK (with a superscript number of the edition).

First edition 1930–1938

The 10-volume encyclopedia was created between 1930 and 1938 through the complete revision of the older and only two-volume church manual lexicon (Freiburg im Breisgau 1907/1912). It was edited by Michael Buchberger , who was also responsible for the manual dictionary developed with the collaboration of Karl Hilgenreiner , Joseph Schlecht and Wilhelm Koch . The editors of the new lexicon tried to provide an encyclopedic overview of all aspects of the Catholic Church. The lexicon for theology and the church was advertised at the time as the "second, revised edition of the church manual lexicon ".

Second edition 1957–1968

Some volumes of the LThK, 2nd ed.

A second, completely revised edition was published by Josef Höfer and Karl Rahner from 1957 to 1968 . Since this edition was completed in a phase in which the Catholic Church was in a great upheaval in the course of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council , three more volumes with the wording of the Council texts of the Second Vatican were following the ten lexicon volumes and the register volume Council in Latin and German with detailed comments on these texts attached, so that this edition, including the register volume, comprises 14 volumes. In 1986 an inexpensive paperback edition was published as a so-called study edition.

The years of publication of the individual volumes are:

  • Vol. 01: A - Baronius, 1957
  • Vol. 02: Barontus - Cölestiner, 1958
  • Vol. 03: Colet - Faistenberger, 1959
  • Vol. 04: Faith and Order - Hannibaldis, 1960
  • Vol. 05: Hanover - Karterios, 1960
  • Vol. 06: Carthage - Marcellino, 1961
  • Vol. 07: Marcellinus - Paleotti, 1962
  • Vol. 08: Palermo - Roloff, 1963
  • Vol. 09: Rome - Tetzel, 1964
  • Vol. 10: Teufel - Cyprus, 1965
  • Vol. 11: Basic index, subject index, author index, 1967
  • Vol. 12: Supplementary volume (Council texts: liturgy, means of communication, church, Eastern churches), 1966
  • Vol. 13: Supplementary volume (Council texts: ecumenism, bishops, religious life, priestly formation, education, non-Christian religions, revelation, lay apostolate, religious freedom), 1967
  • Vol. 14: Supplementary volume (council texts: mission, priestly service and life, pastoral constitution, marriage vote, excursus “Humanae vitae”, rules of procedure, chronicle of the council, prepared schemes, council literature), 1968

The supplement volumes with the Council texts and the respective commentaries were reissued in 2014.

Third edition 1993-2001

The third edition was published by Walter Kasper in the years 1993 to 2001; it in turn consists of ten volumes as well as a register and supplementary volume counted as volume 11. It contains around 26,000 mostly shorter articles on 8,292 pages. In 2006 a bound special edition appeared, in 2009 a paperboard special edition.

The years of publication of the individual volumes 1 to 11 ( ISBN 3-451-22012-1 ):

  • Vol. 01: A to Barcelona, ​​1993
  • Vol. 02: Barclay to Damodos, 1994
  • Vol. 03: Demon to Fragments Dispute, 1995
  • Vol. 04: Franca to Hermenegild, 1995
  • Vol. 05: Hermeneutics to Church Fellowship, 1996
  • Vol. 06: Church history up to Maximianus, 1997
  • Vol. 07: Maximilian to Pazzi, 1998
  • Vol. 08: Pearson to Samuel, 1999
  • Vol. 09: San to Thomas, 2000
  • Vol. 10: Thomaschristen bis Zytomyr, 2001
  • Vol. 11: Supplements, Register, List of Abbreviations, 2001

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  • Lexicon for theology and the church (revised edition of the church dictionary ). Edited by M. Buchberger, 10 volumes, Freiburg / Br. 1930-1938; 2nd edition, ed. by J. Höfer and K. Rahner, 11 volumes, ibid 1957–1967 (reprinted ibid 1986); 3rd edition, ed. by W Kasper, 11 volumes, ibid 1993-2001.

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