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Ekkart Sauser (born April 14, 1933 in Innsbruck ; † November 20, 2019 in Trier ) was a Roman Catholic priest , theologian and church historian .


Ekkart Sauser was the son of Innsbruck anatomy professor Gustav Sauser (1899–1968). Sauser studied philosophy and theology; on June 26, 1960 he was ordained a priest in Innsbruck . With the works Der Hallstätter Marienaltar by Meister Astl (1956) and Die Zillertaler Inclinanten and their expulsion in 1837 (1958/59) he acquired both the theological and the philosophical doctorate from the University of Innsbruck . From 1967 until his retirement in 2001 he was Professor of Ancient Church History , Patrology and Christian Archeology at theTrier Theological Faculty . He also worked as a lecturer in Innsbruck.

As a specialist and collector, he was particularly concerned with icons . Parts of his collection have been exhibited on various occasions. He also used it as a basis for courses, some of which he held in front of the originals in his private apartment. He gave a large part of his icon collection to the state of Tyrol, which shows them in the Stams monastery . He also made a donation from his icon collection to Kremsmünster Abbey .

Since 1952 he was a member of the AV Austria Innsbruck in the ÖCV and the KDStV Churtrier Trier in the CV .


Sauser was honored with the honorary title of Papal Honorary Chaplain ( Monsignor ). In 2013 he received the Tyrolean Cross of Merit .

Sauser's article in the BBKL

Sauser wrote numerous articles in the Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (BBKL), which, however, have received various criticisms.


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