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Georg Gänswein with a monsignor's cassock and cingulum (2006)

Monsignor is the salutation for a priest of the Roman Catholic Church , who has been awarded a papal honorary title . Monsignore is Italian for "my lord" and is abbreviated in German with Msgr . Since 2014, this title has only been awarded to clergy who are older than 65 years.

Use abroad

In many countries, e.g. B. France , Belgium , the Netherlands and - relevant for the language of the Roman Curia - Italy , all higher ecclesiastics below the cardinal (prelates, bishops, archbishops and Latin patriarchs ) with monsignor (mons.) Or monseigneur (mgr. ) addressed, recognizable in Italian correspondence by SE Mons. ( Sua Eccellenza Monsignor ) for bishops and H. Em. ( Sua Eminenza il Cardinal ) for cardinals.

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