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The Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium in Wertheim during the time of the Abistreich 2006
Lasting Abistreich at the Mies-van-der-Rohe-Schule in Aachen-Haaren

An Abistreich , Abischerz , Abigag , (Abi) Juxtag , Abiulk or Abisturm (where "Abi" is the colloquial abbreviation of Abitur ; in Switzerland and Austria therefore called Matura streich ) is a youth ritual that usually takes place after the last final examination of organized for high school graduates in their schools . In some places it is customary to carry out one or more days of missed actions before the Abitur exam week.

In parts of western Austria (Vorarlberg, parts of Tyrol), the name Käpplefest is more common due to the Matura caps given to the Matura . It is usually celebrated in autumn before graduation. The term zero day celebration is particularly common in parts of northern Germany .


Abistreich at Saarbrücker Gymnasium am Schloss

As a rule, a spectacle is held in which the lessons on this school day are significantly influenced by the activities of the high school graduates, which can lead to interruptions or the termination of the lessons.

There are various options for the process of a prank; from briefly disrupting the lessons of the other students to the all-day program with pranks and competitions in which the teachers have to compete against each other, but also against the high school graduates. Many of these competitions are derived from action and party games such as sack races, races with teams of two or quizzes with knowledge or trick questions .

In some schools it is common for teachers to win back a symbolic key of the school from the students in these competitions.

It also happens that parts of the school building or premises are made inaccessible, for example by attaching barrier tape , streamers , large quantities of balloons or the like. Occasionally, lesson objects such as chairs and tables are removed from the rooms so that barriers can be erected and a normal course of instruction is prevented from the outset.

Some years also perpetuate themselves on the school premises, for example with monuments, wall paintings or the like. These usually have the names of the students or just the year they left school, as well as the motto, if available.

Relatively new is the custom of partly supplementing and partly replacing pranks with motto days or weeks. At some schools the first motto days take place as early as 11th grade, e.g. B. after submitting the thesis .


Abistinguishments are tolerated in many schools and then usually have no further consequences. However, it also happens that the school administration forbids the Abistreich in advance . Reasons for this can be bad experiences at school with previous school-leavers, for example through excessive alcohol consumption , injuries to students or teachers, and complaints from residents. The fact that lessons are too late can also be a reason. Other points of criticism are that stipulations are misused for personal revenge actions against teachers, as well as the possibly non-existent insurance cover , without the consequences of the accident, are not covered as is usual when attending school.

In many schools, the abortions are therefore usually discussed in advance with the school management, but the extent of supervision and the necessary “approval” by the director differs from school to school.

Since a Abistreich is a unique event for each year, a ban due to previous excesses can only forbid the prank to students who have previously been innocent. This only applies to a limited extent, however, if a certain undesired form has already been "rehearsed" for several years and it can therefore be assumed that the current year would most likely perform this form again. In particular, the graduating classes of high schools in Cologne are known as rioters who have been well established for several years , but meanwhile graduating classes from other cities also have a repeated bad reputation.

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