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Charlotte Almut Margarethe Schubert (born Triebel, born February 21, 1955 in Solingen ) is a German ancient historian and medical historian .


Charlotte Schubert studied Ancient History, Classical Archeology and German Studies in Bonn , where she received her doctorate in 1980 with a dissertation on Agricultural Laws and Political Reforms for Ancient History. She achieved her habilitation in medical history in 1987, also in Bonn, with the writing medicine and political theory. On the metaphorical use of the terms “disease” and “health” in the 5th century BC. Chr. , Which she published in 1993 in a revised form under the title The Power of the People and the Powerlessness of Thought . Since 1993 she has held the chair for ancient history at the University of Leipzig .

She also published translations of Plato's Hipparchus and selected writings by Hippocrates .

Bibliography (selection)


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more publishments

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Individual evidence

  1. Historia individual writings, vol. 77

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