Reinhold Scholl

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Reinhold Scholl (born January 10, 1952 in Hasborn-Dautweiler / Tholey ) is a German ancient historian and papyrologist .

Reinhold Scholl studied history, German, Greek, Egyptology and papyrology at the University of Trier . Scholl passed the state examination in 1979 and received his doctorate in 1982 on the subject of slavery in the Zenon Papyri . His habilitation took place in Trier in 1992. Since 1993 he has been Professor of Ancient History at the University of Leipzig . Since 1997 Scholl has been head of the papyrus and ostraca collection at the Leipzig University Library , for which he was previously responsible.

His main research interests include Hellenism , slavery in antiquity and late antiquity .



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