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Christian Conrad Ludwig Lange (born March 4, 1825 in Hanover , † August 18, 1885 in Leipzig ) was a German classical philologist .


The son of the court baker Conrad Lange studied classical philology in Göttingen from 1843 , a. a. with Karl Friedrich Hermann , Friedrich Wilhelm Schneidewin and Ernst von Leutsch . While still a student, in 1846, he won a prize assignment from the philosophical faculty on the history of Roman warfare in the imperial era. A year later, in 1847, he received his doctorate with a dissertation on the subject of "Prolegomena to a Hyginus Edition" and passed the teacher examination for the subjects of classical languages ​​and history at the grammar school.

In the first half of 1848 he made a tour of Germany, a year later he completed his habilitation in Göttingen for linguistics and antiquity and in 1850 got a job as a library assistant there.

Lange became associate professor of classical philology in Prague in 1853, and full professor in 1855. In 1859 he received a call to Giessen and finally in 1871 to Leipzig , where he taught until shortly before his death. Lange also took part in the organizational tasks of the Leipzig University and was rector of the Alma Mater in 1879/80 . In 1863 he was elected a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences . In 1871 he was accepted as a full member of the Royal Saxon Society of Sciences .

The unfinished Roman Antiquities can be regarded as his main work , which as a manual was devoted to the Roman antiquities of the Republic of the Republic and, in terms of scientific history, represent a forerunner of Theodor Mommsen's Roman State Law (1871–1888).

Since 1854 he was married to Adelheid Blume, with whom he had two sons, the art historian Konrad (1855-1921) and the physicist Ludwig (1863-1936), as well as two daughters, Sophie and Gertrud.

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