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Georg Curtius
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Georg Curtius (born April 16, 1820 in Lübeck , † August 12, 1885 in Hermsdorf am Kynast ) was a German philologist . He was the brother of the historian and archaeologist Ernst Curtius .

Live and act

Like his brothers, Curtius attended the Katharineum in Lübeck , which he graduated from Michaelis in 1837 with the Abitur. After studying in Bonn and Berlin, he was a schoolmaster in Dresden for three years. In 1845 he returned to the University of Berlin as a private lecturer . With the publication The Formation of Tempora and Modi in Greek and Latin , which he had dedicated to his professor Friedrich Ritschl in 1846 , there was at the same time content- related overlaps with the comparative linguistic studies of August Schleicher , with whom he was later friendly. In 1849 he became head of the philological seminar in Prague and two years later professor of classical philology at Prague University .

In 1854 he moved from Prague to a similar position in Kiel, in 1862 he went from Kiel to Leipzig.

His philological theories had far-reaching influence. His most important writings are

  • The comparison of languages ​​in their relation to classical philology (1845)
  • Comparative contributions to Greek and Latin grammar (1846)
  • Basics of Greek Etymology (1858–1862, 5th edition 1879)
  • The Verb of the Greek Language (1873).

From 1878 Curtius was the editor of the Leipzig Studies for Classical Philology . In 1879 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences . His Greek School Grammar, first published in 1852, had more than twenty editions and was also published in English. In his last work, On the Critique of the Latest Linguistic Research (1885), he criticized the views of the school of young grammarians .


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