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The Teuchos Center , completely Teuchos - Center for Manuscript and Text Research (in ancient Greek τεῦχος "tool, device"), is a research facility at the University of Hamburg . It serves to develop an electronic work environment that can be used worldwide for basic philological research, especially to support the scientific edition of ancient texts. For this purpose, information on text witnesses and the history of transmission is provided and linked to one another. The focus is currently particularly on the field of Greek literature.

The project was founded in 2005 by the then Hamburg professor of Greek studies, Dieter Harlfinger , and built up with funding from the German Research Foundation . Since 2007 the project has been led by Harlfinger and his successor Christian Brockmann . It has two offices in Hamburg and Berlin. The center's cooperation partners include the Aristotle Archive of the Free University of Berlin , the Hamburg State and University Library and the Perseus Digital Library . As part of the work of the center, international congresses and conferences on digital philology are held regularly.

The currently available and planned web offers of the Teuchos Center include a scholarly historical prosopography (directed by Wilt Aden Schröder ), digitized manuscripts with indexing material and scientific manuscript descriptions . The scholarly history of prosopography contains a database with biograms (collections of data on life and work) of archaeologists, especially philologists. In addition to over 100 detailed biographies, most of which were written by Schröder himself, the data from Wilhelm Pökel's Philological Writer's Lexicon (Leipzig 1882) have also been used. The database offers a total of over 3600 data sets (as of April 25, 2017).

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