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The professors ' catalog of the University of Leipzig is an online directory of all Leipzig professors who taught at the University of Leipzig between the university reform of 1830/31 and the de facto end of the full-time university in the early GDR .


The selected period corresponds to the most significant phases in university history since the reorganization of the university in the 1830s and its development into a modern, large-scale scientific enterprise. Particular attention is paid to the fate of its members in the political upheavals of the 20th century. A chronological extension to the period before 1831 and after 1990/93 is possible.


As with other catalogs of this type, the criterion for inclusion is the official title of 'Professor'. The individual professors are presented with their most important life dates, career stations and publications. As far as possible, a picture of all persons should be posted. In the professor's catalog there is a nihil article about the "cosiness researcher" Robert Assel.


The Leipzig professor catalog is structured according to epochs, which are based on the political systems of the 19th and 20th centuries. Access to the individual biograms is via the faculties. There you can choose from the faculties of the university and the subject representatives are listed alphabetically. Simple and advanced search functions make it possible to carry out a simple or combined search for persons, subject areas and institutions. With the simple search, the biograms of individual professors or specialist representatives can be specifically researched. In addition, a free SPARQL query enables complex queries to be formulated. For the time being, this extended search function is only available to employees of the University of Leipzig.


Due to the expiry of the funding project in 2013, senior students at the University of Leipzig created their own catalog of professors under the name "Professors of the University of Leipzig 1945–1993" in addition to the catalog of professors Catalogus Professorum Lipsiensis. As contemporary witnesses, they have already been involved in research on the funded project.

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