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Jakob Seibert (born February 3, 1939 in Pirmasens ) is a German ancient historian .

Jakob Seibert studied classical philology , history and classical archeology in Mainz and Würzburg . In 1963 he received his doctorate in Würzburg with the thesis Metropolis und Apoikie. Historical contributions to the history of their mutual relationships and passed the 1st state examination. 1969 followed the Habilitation at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich on research into the history of Ptolemy I . He was then initially a private lecturer , then from 1975 an extraordinary and from 1978 an extraordinary professor in Munich. He is retired.

Seibert is a recognized expert for the Hellenistic period , especially for Alexander the Great and the Diadochi . He also deals with the history of Greek-Persian relations and the Punic Wars , especially the biography of Hannibal . He is also interested in ancient military history.


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