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Karl Eduard Vehse (born December 18, 1802 in Freiberg , † June 18, 1870 in Striesen ) was a German historian and archivist .


Karl Eduard Vehse first heard lectures at the Bergakademie Freiberg and then studied history and law in Leipzig and Göttingen . In 1825 he received his doctorate in Leipzig. In Leipzig and Dresden he was a member of the Masonic lodges Balduin zur Linde and Zum golden Apfel . In 1825 he got a job at the Dresden State Archives as an archivist, and in November 1838 he emigrated to Perry County (Missouri) under Martin Stephan via Bremen and New Orleans as part of the “Saxon Lutheran Emigration Movement” . Disappointed by the power struggles within the new community of Saxon emigrants in Perry County, he left Missouri on December 16, 1839 and returned to Germany. After long journeys he settled in Berlin in 1843 as a freelance historian. After a six-month prison sentence for oppositional-democratic activities, he emigrated again, first to Switzerland , then from 1857 to 1862 to Italy . One year after his return to Saxony , he died, blind, on June 18, 1870 in Striesen near Dresden. His grave in the Trinity cemetery has not been preserved.

His main work, History of the German Courts since the Reformation , was published in 48 volumes by Hoffmann and Campe in Hamburg between 1851 and 1858 . The popular scientific work met with the approval of the large audience in the reaction time . Vehse had spread a wealth of anecdotes and scandals in it. It was banned in Saxony in 1858. In January 1856 he was sentenced to six months imprisonment for defamation of Duke Wilhelm zu Mecklenburg , in it as Prince Schnaps .

Since then, individual parts have appeared again and again, often edited, for example in 2011 by Anaconda Verlag in Cologne .

Works (selection)

  • De pacto confraternitalis Saxo-Hassiacae . Breitkopf-Härtel, Leipzig 1825. MDZ Reader
  • The life and times of Emperor Otto the Great from the old House of Saxony. A historical attempt. Hilscher, Dresden 1829. Digitized
  • Emperor Otto the Great from the old House of Saxony and his age . Birr & Nauwerk, Zittau & Leipzig 1835. Digitized
  • Panels of history. The main moments of the external political conditions and the internal spiritual development of the peoples and states of the old and new world; in chronological and ethnographic order . Grimmer, Dresden 1834.
  • Stephan emigration to America. With pieces of files . Publishing expedition of the Dresdner Wochenblatt, Dresden 1840. Digitized by SLUB Dresen
  • World history from the standpoint of culture and national characteristics. 41 lectures held in Dresden in the winter of 1841/42 . 2 volumes. Dresden 1842. MDZ Reader (1st volume) MDZ Reader (2nd volume)
  • Shakespeare as a Protestant, politician, psychologist and poet . 2 volumes. Hoffmann and Campe, Hamburg 1851, 2 volumes, digitized volume 1 MDZ Reader 2nd volume
  • The Turks in front of Vienna and the unrest in Hungary under Leopold I 1657–1705 . Dietz, Leipzig 1852 MDZ Reader

Posthumous works:

  • Friedrich Wilhelm I and Friedrich the Great as Crown Prince. An intimate history of the Berlin court from 1713 to 1740 . 2 volumes. Franckh, Stuttgart 1902 Berlin State Library Volume 2
  • Bavarian Court Stories Edited by Joachim Delbrück . Müller, Munich 1922.
  • Baden and Hessian court stories . With notes and an afterword by Joachim Delbrück, ed. by Heinrich Conrad . Georg Müller, Munich 1922.
  • History of the German courts since the Reformation (Hamburg 1851–1858, 48 volumes, overview of the digital copies )

See also

  • Emil Rosenow : Eduard Vehse's illustrated history of the Prussian court, the nobility and diplomacy from the great elector to the death of Kaiser Wilhelm I. Continued by Vehse redivivus (di Emil Rosenow) (1903)


  • Herbert Kaden : From the listener of physical, chemical and mineralogical lectures to a doctorate in law, historian and archivist. The unusual educational path of the Freiberg mining academy Carl Eduard Vehse 1802–1870 . TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2003.
  • Manfred Kobuch : Eduard Vehse (1802-1870). Aspects of his work as a democrat, historian and archivist. In: Archive communications . Edited by the State Archives Administration of the GDR (Berlin). 1985, No. 1, pp. 31-36.
  • Manfred Kobuch: Eduard Vehse's encounters with Weerth , Heine and Marx in 1852 and the dating of a Marx letter . In: Marx-Engels-Jahrbuch 9. Dietz Verlag, Berlinm 1986, pp. 268–286.
  • Franz Schnorr von CarolsfeldVehse, Eduard . In: Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB). Volume 39, Duncker & Humblot, Leipzig 1895, p. 530 f.

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