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Hoffmann and Campe Verlag GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1781
Seat GermanyGermany Hamburg
management Thomas Ganske , Heiko Gregor, Tim Jung
Number of employees 80
Branch publishing company
Website hoffmann-und-campe.de
Status: 2017

Heinrich Heine : Book of songs , published in 1827 by Hoffmann and Campe

Hoffmann und Campe is a book publisher in Hamburg and part of the Ganske publishing group .

History and program

The publishing house was founded in 1781 by Benjamin Gottlob Hoffmann , who merged with his son-in-law August Campe in 1810 and was built up by Julius Campe (1792–1867) to become one of the major German literary publishers. The early days of the publishing house were shaped by authors such as Heinrich Heine , Friedrich Hebbel , Ludwig Börne and other young and rebellious writers from the so-called Young Germany .

Today, the publisher's program is mainly characterized by political non-fiction - Helmut Schmidt , Gerhard Schröder , Peer Steinbrück , Christian Lindner or Hans-Dietrich Genscher have published with Hoffmann and Campe - biographies of celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger , Wolfgang Joop or Wolfgang Niedecken , international bestselling authors in the field of fiction, such as Patricia Cornwell or Jeannette Walls and the fiction works of important German-speaking authors such as Matthias Politycki , Gerhard Henschel , Benjamin Lebert , Wolf Haas or Andrea Maria Schenkel . The publishing house is also home to Nobel Prize winners in literature such as VS Naipaul , José Saramago and Doris Lessing .

From 1948 the magazine Merian appeared - the monthly issue of cities and landscapes. In 1950 Kurt Ganske bought the publishing house. In 1969 Heinrich Heine Verlag is taken over. In 1978 the publisher took a stake in the Deutsches Taschenbuch Verlag . The first Merian dtv travel guide was launched in 1981. The weekly newspaper Woche appeared from February 1983 in cooperation with the Jahreszeiten Verlag. In 1990 H&C bought the Gräfe und Unzer Verlag from Munich. The German edition of the Guinness Book of Records was published by Guinness Verlag, a joint venture between H&C and United Distillers & Vintners (Europe) that has existed since 1996. Hoffmann und Campe has also been involved in the audio book sector since 1996 . In 1999 the publishing house acquired LexMA Verlag in Munich .

Hoffmann und Campe Verlag maintained an extraordinary connection with Siegfried Lenz, who died in 2014 : the world-famous post-war author has published all of his novels, stories, essays and stage works in Hoffmann und Campe Verlag since 1951. A speech by publisher Thomas Ganske on the occasion of Lenz's 80th birthday also testifies to the narrator's loyal ties to his publisher , which ends with the words: “I never took this loyalty for granted, it was certainly not always the easiest solution. I see it as a gift, a stroke of luck for Hoffmann and Campe Verlag. "

In 2003 Hoffmann and Campe published the autobiographical non-fiction book Mitten in Afrika by Ulla Ackermann with great PR effort . After a few months, the bestseller was exposed as a fake by attentive readers. The publishers themselves did not notice the sometimes hair-raising exaggerations and contradictions of the work. Only when overwhelming evidence against the authenticity of the life story was available did the publisher recall all copies from the book trade.

In 2010 Hoffmann and Campe published a facsimile edition of Heinrich Heine's French manuscript, previously considered lost , with an essay by Martin Walser , individual sheets and an accompanying volume.

In October 2014 Hoffmann and Campe author Jaron Lanier received the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade , his book Whom Does the Future Belong to? has sold over 50,000 copies to date and was in the top 10 of the Spiegel bestseller list .

From September 2013 to June 2017 Daniel Kampa (previously Diogenes Verlag , Zurich) was the publishing director. He succeeded Günter Berg, who headed the publishing house from 2004 to 2013. After Kampa, who started his own business with Kampa Verlag in autumn 2018 , Birgit Schmitz followed as program publisher, who ran the publisher together with Thomas PJ Feinen as commercial director until September 2019. Tim Jung was her successor.

In spring 2019, Hoffmann and Campe published the map book "100 maps that change your view of the world" together with Katapult-Magazin . The cover, the title, the typesetting, the layout and the proofreading were done by the Katapult makers. In April 2020, Hoffmann and Campe, with the collaboration of two freelance authors of the time, published a book that was similar in appearance and content ("Gute Karten - Deutschland as you have never seen it before"). The publisher of the Katapult-Magazin Benjamin Fredrich then accused the publisher and its authors, Fischer und Mensch, of having copied almost all of the book and its contents from the Katapult-Magazin. Hoffmann and Campe Verlag firmly rejected these allegations.

Hoffmann and Campe X

Hoffmann und Campe X is an independent GmbH within the Ganske Group with a focus on content marketing . The content marketing unit produces media for companies. Examples are BMW magazine , results for Deutsche Bank, stories for Thalia bookstores, book series for ZF Friedrichshafen , campaigns like Manni's robber hunt for Hamburger Sparkasse or Wempe magazine . Until mid-2016, the publishing subsidiary founded in 1996 was called Hoffmann und Campe Corporate Publishing GmbH; it was renamed on the occasion of the Best of Content Marketing in summer 2016.

Atlantik Verlag

Hoffmann und Campe Verlag founded Atlantik Verlag, the first program of which appeared in spring 2014. Overall, the program consists of works of fiction, non-fiction and gift books. Anthologies are also published by Atlantik Verlag. The authors of the 2014 autumn program include, for example, Ece Temelkuran , Christopher Morley and Hélène Grémillon . In connection with the new edition of the works of Georges Simenon by Daniel Kampa, the paperback editions of all Maigret novels as well as 50 non-Maigret novels will be published by Atlantik, as announced in January 2018.

Publishing house

The four-house publishing complex with different histories and architecture is located at Harvestehuder Weg No. 41 to 45 .


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