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Horst Krause (born December 18, 1941 in Bönhof , West Prussia ) is a German actor .


Horst Krause is the youngest of five children. 1947 his mother was with the children from the West Prussian home sold and found a new home in Ludwigsfelde ( Brandenburg ), a year later, his father returned from Soviet captivity. Krause attended school for eight years and then learned to be a lathe operator . He first worked in the VEB Brandenburger Tractor Works , until 1961 a colleague encouraged him to try his hand at acting in a youth club. From 1964 to 1967 he studied at the State Drama School in Berlin-Schöneweide . He then worked at the Landestheater Parchim , from 1969 at the Schauspielhaus Karl-Marx-Stadt and from 1984 to 1994 at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden .

From the mid-1970s Krause occasionally took part in productions on GDR television and made his cinema debut in 1981 with a small supporting role in the DEFA comedy Asta, mein Engelchen . In a small supporting role as an innkeeper , Krause had his first Police Call 110 appearance in the episode Explosion in 1987 . Regardless of his later success within this series, Krause's name wasn't even mentioned in the credits of the episode. Until shortly after the fall of the Wall , Horst Krause continued to play other small roles in film and television productions, for example in the series Tooth for a Tooth or The Public Prosecutor Has the Word . It was not until the early 1990s that the young director Detlev Buck noticed him, who hired him for his weird and successful comedy We can also be different… . After this success, Horst Krause was known to a pan-German audience. He retired from the theater and there followed a few appearances in films and especially on German television. In the all-German series Polizeiruf 110 , he played the police chief Horst Krause as part of the Brandenburg investigative team , initially with Jutta Hoffmann , from 2002 to 2010 with Imogen Kogge and from 2011 until his police call retired in 2015 at the side of Maria Simon and in 2012 her Sophie Rois' pregnancy substitute in the case of The Cucumber Queen .

In 2007, under the direction of Bernd Böhlich , Krause played - also under his real name - the village police officer Horst Krause in the film Krauses Fest . In this, as in several subsequent films of this type, police work only plays a subordinate role. Rather, the focus here is on the private life of the village policeman in the fictional Brandenburg town of Schönhorst . The village policeman Krause lives there with his two sisters who run a restaurant and boarding house, which is the center of village life. The filming location for this is the “Gasthof Naase”, which is located in Ludwigsfelde-Gröben and is a popular excursion destination. The inn closed in January 2019.

Horst Krause lives in Berlin-Moabit .

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