Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg

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Graphic representation of the Order of Merit of Brandenburg
Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg (graphic from the Brandenburg Official Gazette)
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The Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg (also known as the Red Eagle Order ) is the highest award in the State of Brandenburg . It was founded on July 10, 2003 with the law on the Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg (Brandenburg Order Law - BbgOrdG) and was first awarded on June 14, 2005, the Brandenburg Constitutional Day.

Foundation content

The full wording of the foundation is:

  • § 1: The Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg is donated as a token of recognition and thanks for extraordinary services to the State of Brandenburg and its population. It can be awarded to deserving individuals.
  • § 2: The Order of Merit is awarded in one class. As a rule, no more than twenty orders of merit should be awarded in a calendar year. The number of order holders should not exceed three hundred. The Prime Minister is by virtue of his office the holder of the Order of Merit. If a person leaves the circle of order holders through death or for other reasons, this circle can be supplemented accordingly. (Note: There is no endowment associated with the honor.)
  • § 3: The medal has the shape of a Maltese cross. The front is enamelled. The middle piece is a round, pure white medallion with a narrow silver enamel border, which bears the Brandenburg red eagle on the front. The arms of the cross are enamelled in red and provided with a narrow silver enamel border. The back of the medal is smooth and silver and has the BRANDENBURG lettering in the middle . The year of the award is milled under the lettering and the consecutive number of the medal awarded under it. The order cross is worn on a white ribbon with red borders by women below the left shoulder on a ribbon bow, by men around the neck. Instead of the order cross, a miniature can be worn by women on a corresponding ribbon bow and by men on a ribbon.
  • § 4: The Order of Merit is awarded by the Prime Minister. The President of the State Parliament for the State Parliament and the members of the State Government for their areas of responsibility are entitled to make proposals.
  • § 5: Those entitled to make proposals and the Prime Minister may collect personal data about other bodies or persons without knowledge of the persons to be proposed, save this data and transmit it to third parties, insofar as this is necessary to check the orderliness. Use of the data for other purposes is not permitted. Public authorities of the State of Brandenburg are obliged in the cases of paragraph 1 to provide the necessary information.
  • § 6: Entrusted persons receive a certificate of the award. The certificate bears the large state seal. The award will be announced in the official gazette for Brandenburg. The medal and the document become the property of the borrower. His survivors are not obliged to return them.
  • § 7: If the holder of the order proves himself unworthy of the award through his behavior, in particular through the commission of a dishonorable crime, or if such behavior becomes known afterwards, the Prime Minister can revoke the award. In this case, the medal and the award certificate must be returned.
  • Section 8: The functional and other designations used in this Act apply to women and men. The Prime Minister issues the administrative regulations required to implement this law.
  • § 9: This law comes into force on the day after its promulgation.


The colloquial term Red Eagle Order refers to the Brandenburg coat of arms in the center of the order and is based on an earlier Prussian award .

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  • Law on the Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg of July 10, 2003

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