Order of Merit of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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The Order of Merit of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the highest order of merit awarded by the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . It was created on April 23, 2001 by the law on the Order of Merit of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (LOrdensG MV) and was first awarded on June 1, 2002. The award is made by the Prime Minister "in recognition of special services to the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and its people". The Prime Minister, the President of the State Parliament and, for their area of ​​responsibility, the members of the State Government are entitled to make proposals. Anyone who has suggestions for the award of the medal can, however, turn to the nominees. If a holder of the order proves to be unworthy of the honor through his behavior or if such behavior is subsequently known, the Prime Minister can revoke the award.

Order decoration

The medal has the shape of a cross with concave wings in the red of the national colors with a gold border. The center piece is a round, gold medallion with the large national coat of arms on the front. The reverse bears the inscription “For Merit” and the inscription “Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania” in the center.

Medal bearer



  • Brigitte Feldtmann, patron and founding of the non-profit GmbH "Feldtmann Kulturell"
  • Jost Reinhold



  • Manfred Kuhnke, founding and board member of the "H. Fallada Society eV"
  • Karin Wien, head of the women's shelter


  • Rudolf Erlemann
  • Ursula Schneider, chairwoman of the Democratic Women's Association / Greifswald e. V.


  • Margarete Block for her contribution to maintaining the Low German language
  • Hans-Reinhard Dorenburg for his commitment as chairman of the board of the association Dorfkirchen in Not in Mecklenburg and in Western Pomerania
  • Rolf Schomann for his 50 years of service for the fire departments in the country


  • Wieland Bahlcke, founder of the Friends of the Lindow Church
  • Wolfgang Brost for his commitment to the cultural relations between Germany and Norway as special representative of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Frauke and Hans-Jürgen Eggers, commitment to the rescue of endangered churches in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Walter Kuhn, Chairman of the Federal Parents' Representation of the Music Schools


  • Reinhart Kny, initiator and founding member of the support association of the gymnastics and sports community Wismar, president of FC Anker Wismar
  • Willi Kuß, co-founder and treasurer of the Low German Stage Association in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Manfred Nollau, co-founder of the non-profit association of freelance emergency doctors in Mecklenburg Lake District and Mecklenburg Switzerland


  • Ines Diederich, Woldegk
  • Edith Dorn, Neubrandenburg, trainer for first aid and lifeguards in Neubrandenburg, herself an active lifeguard for many years and a permanent link between lay helpers and professional rescue services
  • Solveig Leo , Banzkow




  • Ilse Hennig, Anklam
  • Brigitte Paetow, Neubukow
  • Christine Schulz, Dechow


  • Marion Richter, Dobin am See, for her commitment to gender equality policy
  • Gerd-Heinrich Kröchert, Daberkow for his commitment to strengthening rural areas


  • Ulrike Legde, Beseritz, Mecklenburg Lake District, for her extraordinary commitment to strengthening rural areas
  • Helmut Rohde, Kritzmow, Rostock district, for his commitment, especially for children with chronic and cancerous diseases
  • Gerd Schneider, Strande (Schleswig-Holstein), who helped shape the cultural and media landscape in the state


  • Erica Drecoll, Rostock, for her commitment to senior citizens
  • Jürgen Grote , Mainz, for his commitment to the Low German language
  • Heike Volke, Sanitz in the Rostock district, extremely active in the field of continuing education


  • Hans-Joachim Grätsch, Mölln, for his commitment to people with disabilities
  • Brigitte Thielk, Elmenhorst in the Rostock district, for her commitment to gender equality work
  • Rainer Tschirner, Benitz in the Rostock district, for his work in the animal health service


  • Helga Bomplitz, Dalberg, chairwoman of the regional seniors' ring
  • Gudrun Riedel, Strasburg (Vorpommern-Greifswald district)
  • Christoph Müller , Sassnitz, publisher and art collector


  • Christoph de Boor, Waren (Müritz), theologian
  • Hannelore Kohl , Greifswald, former judge
  • Reno Tiede, Rostock, goalballer

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