Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate

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Order insignia: cross and miniature

The Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate is, along with honorary citizenship , the highest award in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate .

The Order of Merit was established by state law on October 2, 1981 . It is awarded by the Prime Minister to citizens from all groups of the population, whose extraordinary services may have been earned for the general public in all areas of life.

The number of holders of the regional order is limited to 800 in order to underline the value and prestige of the order. If a medalist dies or if a medal has been withdrawn for certain reasons, the circle is supplemented accordingly. The award is made on the proposal of the President of the State Parliament or a member of the State Government .


In the table below, the number of orders of merit awarded per year is differentiated according to men and women. The last column, Total, shows the number of all previous awards, so this can be over 800.

year Women Men number Women overall Men overall Total number
2013 7th 4th 11 282 764 1046
2012 2 11 13 275 760 1035
2011 5 11 16 273 749 1022
2007 22nd approx. 960 people
1982 14th 34 48 14th 34 48

Individual evidence

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