Louis de Valois, duc de Guyenne

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Louis of Guyenne, Dauphin of France, receives instructions from his ancestor Louis IX. the saint. Illustration from the early 15th century.

Louis de Valois (born January 22, 1397 in Paris , † December 18, 1415 there ) was the third son of the French King Charles VI. and the Queen Isabeau . He was appointed Dauphin of Viennois and thus heir to the throne in 1401 after his two older brothers, both named Charles, died in 1396 and 1401, respectively . At this point he was already Duke of Guyenne . In 1409, at the age of 12, he was made President of the Royal Council of State .

On August 31, 1412, he married Margaret of Burgundy (1393–1441 / 1442) in Paris, a daughter of Johann Ohnefurcht , Duke of Burgundy .

Louis died three years later, at the age of 18 and without descendants. Dauphin of Viennois and heir to the throne was replaced by his brother Johann , Duke of Touraine , who was poisoned 16 months later, making way for the youngest son of Charles VI, later Charles VII . When Dauphin Louis died, the rumor arose in Paris that he had been poisoned. Bernard VII d'Armagnac , who was now able to do whatever he wanted with his troops in Paris, was held responsible for the act. In 1418 he and his mercenaries were crushed by the anger of the people.

Margarete married Duke Arthur III in 1423 . of Brittany and was named Duchess of Guyenne the following year.

predecessor Office successor
Karl Dauphin von Viennois
John of Touraine
Peter of Navarre Count of Mortain
Ludwig VII of Bavaria-Ingolstadt
(de iure uxoris)