21st December

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The December 21 is the 355th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 356th in leap years ), thus remain 10 days to the year. At noon on 21 (or 22) in December the sun is at the Tropic of Capricorn in the zenith and is at the northern Arctic Circle during the day did not occur. Thus, it is the shortest (bright) day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice .

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Politics and world events

1471: Gulf of Guinea
1859: Sam Houston


science and technology

1806: Aurora bands
1872: HMS Challenger
1936: Junkers Ju 88
1968: Start of the Apollo 8


1913: The first crossword puzzle
1937: Snow White screenshot
1968: Cast sheet for the world premiere of Globolinks




Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .

nature and environment

Established in 1962: Rondane National Park


Entries of track and field world records can be found under the respective discipline under track and field .


Before the 18th century

18th century

19th century


Jean-Henri Fabre (* 1823)


Rebecca West (* 1892)

20th century


Ulrich-Wilhelm Graf von Schwerin von Schwanenfeld (* 1902)
Heinrich Böll (* 1917)


Frank Zappa (* 1940)


Anke Engelke (* 1965)


Emmanuel Macron (* 1977)
Alexander Wolf (* 1978)


Before the 16th century

Giovanni Boccaccio († 1375)

16th to 18th centuries

19th century

20th century

Kurt Tucholsky († 1935)
Frank Billings Kellog († 1937)
George S. Patton († 1945)
Carl van Vechten († 1964)

21st century

Holidays and memorial days

  • Church memorial days
    • St. Thomas , apostle and patron saint (Protestant, Anglican, the Catholic day of remembrance was postponed to July 3, which has also been recommended as a Protestant day of remembrance since the pericope revision)
    • St. Petrus Canisius , Dutch writer, theologian and doctor of the church (Catholic (not in Germany))

The list of commemorative and action days contains further entries .

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Individual evidence

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