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Ilse Paula Steppat (born November 11, 1917 in Barmen ; † December 21, 1969 in Berlin ) was a German theater and film actress .


Ilse Steppat received her first engagement at the Rheydt Municipal Theater in autumn 1933 . This was followed by appearances in Düsseldorf, Osnabrück and Oldenburg. In 1937 she became a member of the ensemble of the Volksbühne Berlin , further stations were the Alte Theater in Leipzig, the Meininger Theater and shortly after the Second World War the Hebbel Theater in Berlin.

When the fate of the actor Joachim Gottschalk was filmed in 1947 with Ehe im Schatten , she immediately received an important film role as a Jewish wife.

At times, the actress was also used as a voice actress and, for example, gave Lana Turner her smoky voice in The Three Musketeers .

In the sixties, Ilse Steppat starred in several Edgar Wallace films , including The Crypt with the Riddle Castle , The Eerie Monk and The Blue Hand . This made her well known in Germany.

The only English-language role played Steppat in the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service . In the first English-language conversation between the actress and producer Albert R. Broccoli , Steppat confused “engaged” with the word “engaged”. Nevertheless, she got the role of the henchman of the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld ( Telly Savalas ), also because director Peter R. Hunt thought the Greek actress Irene Papas , who was actually favored by Harry Saltzman (next to Broccoli, equal owner of the production company Eon Productions ), was too likeable. Two days after the film opened in theaters in West Germany in December 1969, Ilse Steppat died of a heart attack. Her grave was in the Dahlem forest cemetery in Berlin.

In 1954 Ilse Steppat, who was in a relationship with the director Max Nosseck , was awarded the German Critics' Prize.



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1950 Dangerous encounter Alice Reed Joan Bennett 1944
1950 The three musketeers (1948) Lady de Winter Lana Turner 1948

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