You take notes

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Television broadcast
Original title You take notes
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1958-1971
length 25 minutes
Episodes 135
genre Family series
first broadcast
January 10, 1958

You write with is a television series that was broadcast irregularly between 1958 and 1971 in 135 episodes on the ARD's early evening program. The producer was advertising in Südwestfunk GmbH.

Content and concept

Stories from everyday life, all about family, friends and work, were shown. The series got its title from the fact that after 25 minutes the plot broke off and the viewer was asked to continue the story. So initially each episode consisted of a double episode.

From episode 32, the concept was changed, now the audience should develop the entire episode. These suggestions were then turned into scripts by professional writers.


Renowned directors were responsible for the series, including Eugen York , Wolfgang Schleif , Peter Hamel and Imo Moszkowicz . The scripts were written by Heinz Oskar Wuttig , Werner Illing and Robert Pilchowski , behind the camera stood alongside others Michael Ballhaus, who later became famous in the USA .

The episodes were broadcast at irregular intervals. Pure studio productions were made up to 1964, after which there was also external shooting. From mid-1969 (episode 122), color was produced.

Well-known actors could be won for the individual episodes, such as Viktoria Brams , Sabine Bethmann , Rolf Castell , Ivan Desny , Hans Elwenspoek , Heinz Engelmann , Dieter Eppler , Hans Epskamp , Heli Finkenzeller , Siegurd Fitzek , Wera Frydtberg , Konrad Georg , Reinhard Glemnitz , Ursula Heyer , Dieter Hufschmidt , Horst Janson , Ruth-Maria Kubitschek , Volker Lechtenbrink , Stanislaw Ledinek , Hermann Lenschau , Nora Minor , Brigitte Mira , Else Quecke , Günther Schramm , Ernst Stankovski , Ilse Steppat , Friedrich von Thun , Hans Timerding , Wolfgang Völz and Gila von Weitershausen .

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