Ensemble (theater)

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An ensemble ( listen to ? / I ) at a theater is the entirety of the stage artists engaged there . These can be actors, singers or dancers who are viewed as independent ensembles in multi-part theaters . Theaters with a repertoire system have their own ensemble that is tied to the institution for several seasons (in contrast to theaters with en-suite theater operations or stagione systems or guest performances). Originally it took soloists for each roll compartment in the theater or any vocal category at the opera to every work that is in the repertoire were, occupy to. Today this definition has loosened somewhat, also because the ensemble is increasingly being supplemented with guests (actors who are only engaged for one production). Audio file / audio sample

In addition, in contrast to the soloists, the term can refer to the actors acting together in a theater performance , such as a choir , a corps de ballet or a larger group of extras .

Free, guest theater groups are also referred to as ensembles.

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