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Thomas Hürlimann (born December 21, 1950 in Zug ) is a Swiss writer .


Thomas Hürlimann was born as the son of the later Federal Councilor Hans Hürlimann (1918–1994) in Zug. His mother Marie-Theres Hürlimann-Duft (1926-2001) came from the St. Gallen CVP dynasty Duft. After Hürlimann attended primary school in Zug and spent one summer working for his uncle Johannes Duft in the Abbey Library in St. Gallen , he entered the Einsiedeln Abbey School , where, according to his own words, he wore “acidic times” as a “shaved little monk in an ankle-length robe " got over.

After graduating from high school , he studied philosophy at the University of Zurich and, since 1974, at the Free University of Berlin . After dropping out of his studies, he worked from 1978 to 1980 as an assistant director and production dramaturge at the Berlin Schillertheater. He has been a freelance writer since 1980. In 1985 he returned to Switzerland and lived for the longest time in a village near Einsiedeln. In autumn 1996 he was visiting professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and in 2000 and 2001 he was a three semester lecturer at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig . Today Hürlimann lives in Walchwil . His life partner was the German writer and dramaturge Katja Oskamp for several years .

His archive has been in the Swiss Literature Archive in Bern since 2014 .

Artistic creation

Thomas Hürlimann made his debut as an author in 1981 with the volume of short stories Die Tessinerin , published by Ammann Verlag in Zurich . The narrative work of the author, who has repeatedly dealt with recent Swiss history, also includes The Garden House , The Satellite City , The Big Cat , Miss Stark and Forty Roses . There are also plays and comedies, including The Ambassador (about the Swiss Ambassador in Berlin during World War II, Hans Frölicher ), Der Franzos im Ybrig (1991) or Das Einsiedler Welttheater , Hürlimann's version of Calderón's mystery play El Gran teatro del mundo (2000, revised 2007).

The most popular work was the novella Miss Stark (2001). His uncle Johannes Duft felt himself to be the victim of a key novel and therefore wrote a ten-page polemic ( remarks and corrections ; published as private print ) in which he described Hürlimann as a “spoiled man's boy” among other things. Hürlimann had to lead similar discussions after the publication of his novel Der große Kater (1998; filmed in 2010), in which his father served as a literary model.

Hürlimann's drama text Was ihr wollt or Dreikönigsabend was staged by Barbara Schlumpf for the Lucerne Open Air Theater in 2019 . The play was performed in Central Swiss dialect, all actors acted in ice skates on an artificial ice surface. The NZZ theater critic called the result “a small theater miracle”.

Thomas Hürlimann has received numerous prizes and awards for his work. For example, in 2001 he received the Joseph Breitbach Prize for Fräulein Stark , the most highly endowed literary prize in German-speaking countries, and in 2012 the Thomas Mann Prize for his work, with which he “unites the knowledge of the fragility of existence oppose deep humanity ». His first volume of short stories, Die Tessinerin , was translated into six, the novella Das Gartenhaus into 13 languages. Hürlimann is a member of the German Academy for Language and Poetry , the Academy of Arts, Berlin , the PEN-Club Liechtenstein , the Central Switzerland Writers' Association and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts .





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Speech opera

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Audio book


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  • The big hangover . (Original book), movie, 2009.



Film and audio

  • Marianne Pletscher : Thomas Hürlimann - writer portrait. 1999.
  • Radio SRF 3 Focus: Thomas Hürlimann: “Sometimes I forget about cancer”. 2019. Editing and moderation: Anita Richner

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