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Radio SRF 3
Station logo
Radio station ( public service )
reception analog terrestrial , cable , satellite , internet and DAB
Reception area Switzerland
Start of transmission November 1, 1983
owner Swiss radio and television
Intendant Nathalie Wappler
Program director Roland Wehrli / Alexander Blunschi
Range 1,086,090 people (2nd half of 2019, Mon-Sun, D-CH, 15+)
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Radio SRF 3 is a program from Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), a corporate unit of SRG SSR . With more than a million listeners, it is the most important pop / rock radio in German-speaking Switzerland . Until December 16, 2012, the station was called DRS 3 .


DRS-3 logo before 2007
Logo until the end of 2012

DRS 3 was created in 1983, among other things, as a reaction to the approval of private local radio stations in Switzerland and the need for a radio station whose music selection was primarily aimed at a younger audience. The then radio director Andreas Blum declared: "DRS 3 should not become a radio bumbum." DRS 3 and the new private broadcasters together ensured around 20 percent more radio usage per day, mainly by the young listeners who were finally able to hear “their” music on the radio. On the other hand, foreign pop stations in particular lost their listeners.

DRS 3 went on air on November 1, 1983 at 0.01 a.m. The first sounds were the screaming of a newborn child. In the evening the first live broadcast followed with a concert by Polo Hofer from the Atlantis Basel. Even back then in the program: the Swiss hit parade on Sunday afternoon, the music program Sounds! , the music «specials», the background program Input or the game Bäsefrässer . DRS 3 started in the first year with a 14 percent market share in German-speaking Switzerland and achieved a first listener record in 1986 with a 16 percent market share.

The best-known slogan of DRS 3 comes from the beginning of the 1990s, when the station tried to win back its audience as an “officially approved jammer”. Other slogans of the station were: “Listening to the radio makes noise”, “Radio that moves”, “Radio for happiness” or “DRS 3 - your live radio”.

In 1985 the first DRS-3 radio soap went over the air: Enrico Bello with Walo Lüönd as voice and lyrics by Beat Schlatter . 1989 began the very popular crime radio drama series The Hair-raising Cases of Philip Maloney by the author Roger Graf , of which 341 episodes were broadcast until June 2011. More recent programs were the World Music Special (from 1986), the CH Special (from 1986), the talk show Focus (from 1989) or Madame Etoile's weekly horoscope (from 1991).

From the late 1980s on, DRS 3's market share began to decline, leading to repeated discussions about the program direction and various program reforms. In 1999 the market share reached a low point of 8 percent. The programs had previously been produced in Bern, Basel and Zurich. In 1999 Zurich became the only location; however, the hourly news continues to come from the Bern studio.

In 1999, Swiss Radio DRS launched DRS Virus, a new youth station, while the then program manager Andreas Schefer positioned DRS 3 as a “generalist program for young adults”. The music profile in the daily program was geared more towards “transparency” and familiar music. Market shares began to rise again: 12 percent in 2000, 13 percent in 2003, 15 percent in 2008, 18 percent in 2010 - with around 1.4 million listeners in German-speaking Switzerland.

In 2003, Info 3 , a new daily information program, was broadcast for the first time, in 2006 economic reporting was strengthened and the DRS 3 Economy section was introduced. Since 2007, SRF 3 has been the main sports channel among SRF's radio stations. According to the concept, the station has defined itself as “the leading new media, pop and rock radio in Switzerland” since it was renamed in 2012 and is aimed at a target audience between 25 and 45 years of age.


The SRF 3 program is presented in Swiss German . News and traffic reports are read out in Swiss Standard German or Standard German .


Throughout the day, SRF 3 has the character of an accompanying program with news, weather, traffic, event and culture tips and service contributions from topics such as IT / new media, family, finances or lifestyle. In the evening from 8 p.m., special programs such as the music «Specials» ( Pop Routes , Reggae Special , Rock Special , World Music Special , Black Music Special , "SRF 3 Punkt CH" and CH Beats ), the music program Sounds! (from 10 p.m.) or the interview program Focus and the background program Input . SRF 3 presents the official Swiss hit parade every Sunday afternoon . Other fixed items on the program are the other daily press review by the psychoanalyst and writer Peter Schneider or the crime drama radio play The hair-raising cases of Philip Maloney on Sunday morning. The fifteen-minute magazine Info 3 reports on workdays at 12 noon and 5 p.m. in standard German on the most important things of the day from politics, business, sport and science. On Saturday afternoon, the weekly round show runs from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. , in which rounds of quizzes are played on current events of the week, and which has replaced the old game show Uri , Schwyz and Downfall - The Duel of the Cantons since 2015 , in which two guests from different cantons meet in had to prove different game rounds.

From 2007 to 2018, SRF 3 broadcast the call-in program Nachtwach with Barbara Bürer once a week, which was also broadcast on SRF 1 .

Special shipments

SRF 3 is the most important live music broadcaster in Switzerland, which records and broadcasts numerous concerts. He also organizes his own showcases. It broadcasts live from the major Swiss summer festivals such as Gurtenfestival , OpenAir St. Gallen , Openair Frauenfeld or Open Air Gampel .

From 2009 to 2018, SRF 3, together with Swiss television and Swiss Solidarity , carried out the fundraising campaign Every centime counts at the end of each year . For this, three radio presenters have retired to a glass house on a public square for six days. They broadcast around the clock from this “glass box” and welcomed guests from politics, business, sport and culture. Meanwhile, listeners and passers-by were able to give their donations for a charitable cause.

Swiss music

SRF 3 supports Swiss musicians, for example with the monthly award of a prize for a previously unknown artist. Until the beginning of 2010, the corresponding award was called Swiss Top , and since then SRF 3 Best Talent . The monthly candidates are selected by a jury of the SRF music editorial team. They are each presented in the broadcast SRF 3 punkt CH . The expert jury selects the three finalists, the audience selects the annual winner in an online voting. The sponsorship award is presented at the Swiss Music Awards .

The Mx3 webpage also gives bands the opportunity to be "discovered" and broadcast by the radio or to get in touch with fans. Since its introduction on September 15, 2005, 16,700 Swiss bands and artists have published over 57,000 songs there (as of July 2011).


Current moderators

Moderator broadcast
Michel Birri Hit parade & Monday afternoon
Rika Brune Evening broadcast
Luca Bruno Sounds! & Input & SRF 3 point CH
John Bürgin CH beats
Stefan Büsser Penitent at noon
Dominic Dillier Rock Special & Focus
Matthias Erb Sounds !
Hana Gadze SRF 3 point CH
Philippe Gerber Morning broadcast
Rahel Giger World Music Special & daily program
Tom Gisler Tom Gisler on Friday & Focus
Franziska von Grünigen Weekly round show
Reeto von Gunten Sunday morning
Kathrin Hönegger Day program
Anic Lautenschlager Evening broadcast
Tina Nägeli Morning broadcast
DJ Pesa Pop Routes
Andi Rohrer Sounds! & Input
Pablo Vögtli Black Music Special
Reena Thelly Input & Sounds on Sunday
Julian Thorner Day program
Joël von Mutzenbecher Weekly round show
Judith Wernli SRF 3 point CH
Lukie Wyniger Reggae special
Florence Fischer Day program
Joel Grolimund Sports magazine
Anna Zöllig Saturday night

Former moderators


SRF 3 is broadcast analogue throughout German-speaking Switzerland via around 140 VHF stations and is fed into all cable networks in the terrestrial broadcasting range . In addition, the radio is broadcast via around 115 DAB stations , the Internet and satellite . SRF 3 also offers numerous programs such as input , focus , all music programs or the digital topics of the week as podcasts .

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