François Mürner

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François Mürner (* 1949 ) is a Swiss radio presenter. He is considered a "veteran" of Swiss radio history, especially because of his work in the pop and rock area of Radio DRS .


François Mürner's program Musik aus London was broadcast from 1974-78 on the DRS 1 program , the first channel of the public service broadcaster of SRG SSR , which at that time was still primarily a hit and folk music channel and which today specializes in popular music .

From 1978 to 1983 Mürner then moderated the daily rock program Sounds! On DRS 2 , SRG's second channel for classical and jazz . . As the first presenter in Switzerland, he produced his programs on his own and from his own studio.

Since the DRS 3 program went on air on November 1, 1983, it has been shaped by Mürner's programs, sayings, signets and games. Sounds too ! , which he was in charge of until 1987, ran on DRS 3 from then on. From 1987 he was the identification figure on the morning program Vitamin 3 .

François Mürner was the first director of the youth radio station DRS Virus , which is also one of the state broadcasters of SRG SSR idée suisse .

François Mürner's initials are "FM", which is why he always jokingly mentioned that they are on every better radio device ( FM / VHF ). His outward trademark is the baseball cap.

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