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Radio SRF 2 culture
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Radio station ( public law )
reception analog terrestrial , cable and DAB
Reception area SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Start of transmission 1956
owner Swiss radio and television
Intendant Nathalie Wappler
Program director Barbara Gysi
Range 199'280 people (1st half of 2019, Mon-Sun, D-CH, 15+)
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Logo from DRS 2 before 2007
Logo from DRS 2 until the end of 2012

Radio SRF 2 Kultur is the second radio program of Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) to broadcast its culture and knowledge. Today it is heard by around 199,000 people every day. It was created in 1956 as DRS 2 with the introduction of radio on ultra-short wave . VHF made it possible to broadcast sophisticated music in a quality that was massively improved compared to the medium wave previously used . The radio station's studios are located in the Meret Oppenheim high-rise , right by Basel SBB train station.


Arthur Godel was the program director of DRS 2 until 2008. He was followed from March 1, 2008 to December 31, 2010 by the cultural journalist Marco Meier.

As part of the merger of Radio DRS and Swiss Television to form SRF, DRS 2 will become part of the new Culture Department at SRF from January 1, 2011. The station will be renamed to Radio SRF 2 Kultur on December 16, 2012 .

Marco Meier leaves the company at the end of 2010 as part of the merger of radio and television. He will be succeeded as the new DRS 2 program manager by Franziska Baetcke, the previous head of cultural updates. Under her leadership, the station, which has now been renamed Radio SRF 2 Kultur, will be converted with a new morning and early evening program. The conversion should u. a. reach a younger audience and become more audible. The program is aimed at a broadly interested audience who are curious about the whole world of culture and who are in discovery mode. It offers current cultural reporting and background information from society, religion, science, music and art. As part of the realignment, the cultural background broadcast will reflexes in the removed one hour broadcast context integrated.

In February 2016, program manager Franziska Baetcke left the station. Barbara Gysi will be the new head as the previous Head of Music.


SRF 2 Kultur is aimed at a particularly educated and enthusiastic audience from all age groups. Different forms of broadcasting are used: magazine, feature , essay, radio play , reading, presentation, panel discussion, personal interview (e.g. music for a guest ) and the like. a. Instead of short blocks of words, SRF 2 Kultur focuses on extensive detail.

In the music program called dominated classical music , serious music. This includes not only classical music, but also sophisticated music from the fields of pop , chanson , jazz , world and experimental music .

A separate SRF culture club provides information on program content and enables reduced admission to selected events.


SRF 2 Kultur can be received nationwide in German-speaking Switzerland via VHF and DAB , throughout Switzerland via cable , Europe-wide via satellite and worldwide via Internet radio.


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