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Labeling using labeling machines means the application of labels to objects. An important area of ​​application is the labeling of beverage bottles made of glass or plastic . There are different procedures:

Cold glue labeling

Paper labels are usually using a water-based glue bonded. Depending on the application, casein glues, starch glues or dispersion glues are suitable. The most common application is in the beverage industry when labeling reusable glass bottles or reusable plastic bottles with body, neck and / or back labels. Aluminum neck foils can also be applied with this method.

Hot glue labeling

Hot glue labeling is mostly used for wrap-around labels. The label is not glued over the entire surface, but only fixed at the beginning and at the end with a strip of hot melt adhesive .

The labels can be fed into the machine in two different ways. Either a roll of printed plastic film is cut into individual labels on site (most common application: disposable plastic bottles), or the pre-cut label (usually made of paper) is removed from a magazine (for labeling plastic disposable bottles and also food cans) .

Self-adhesive labeling

Labels on a carrier film ( self-adhesive labels ) are detached from the carrier film by turning them 180 ° around a dispensing edge and stuck onto the container that is passing by. This process is very widespread in the "non-food" area and has also been used more and more frequently for high-quality beverage bottles for several years (most common application: cosmetics and premium disposable bottles in the "no label look"). WashOff labels are self-adhesive labels for returnable glass bottles. The labels can be removed in standard industrial washing systems without having to change the existing infrastructure.

Sleeve labeling

A tubular label is pulled over the container from above. A distinction is made between "Shrink Sleeves", which then cling to the container contour through heat, and "Stretch Sleeves", which are stretched elastically for application. Shrink sleeves are mainly used for contoured disposable containers, stretch sleeves are most often used for mineral water reusable bottles made of plastic.


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