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Radio SRF 1
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Radio station ( public service )
reception analog and digital terrestrial , cable and live stream
Reception area SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
owner Swiss radio and television
Program director Heidi Ungerer
Intendant Nathalie Wappler
Start of transmission June 11, 1931
Range 1'335'740 people (2nd half of 2019, Mon-Sun, D-CH, 15+)
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Logo of DRS 1 before 2007
Logo from DRS 1 until the end of 2012

Radio SRF 1 is the first radio program on Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), a subsidiary of SRG SSR . It is broadcast throughout Switzerland via FM and DAB as well as live stream on the Internet and reaches around 1.3 million listeners in German-speaking Switzerland every day. This makes Radio SRF 1 the most popular radio station in Switzerland . Until December 2012 the station was called DRS 1.


SRF 1 has its origins in the German-speaking regional broadcaster Radio Beromünster , which is why the history of DRS 1 / SRF 1 partially overlaps with that of this station. Beromünster began broadcasting on medium wave 531 kHz in 1931 and could also be received in neighboring countries. During the Second World War , this station had a high reputation for reporting on the political and military situation (see Jean Rudolf von Salis , who was in charge of the "Weltchronik" program). The first VHF transmitter was put into operation in 1952 on St. Anton in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, and the first regular regional programs were broadcast on VHF in 1961. The "regional journals" of the individual areas (see below) were not introduced until 1978. In 1966 hourly news broadcasts began.

According to the self-presentation of DRS 1 from 1991, SRF 1 wants to be interesting for as many population groups as possible, provide up-to-date and comprehensive information, and promote mutual understanding.

On October 1, 1996, the Musigwwall 531 replaced the first program on the Beromünster regional broadcaster, after which DRS 1 could only be heard on VHF. The broadcast on DAB began in 1999 (Bern and Zurich region) and 2000 (Basel region) .

Facts about the station

Around 1.3 million people in German-speaking Switzerland listen to SRF 1 every day. The market share is 28 percent, which makes the station the market leader. The transmission volume is 13,000 hours per year. Radio SRF 1 employs around 80 people in the Brunnenhof radio studio in Zurich. There are also employees from the Bern radio studio, where the information programs are produced.


Radio SRF 1 is the most important information program in German-speaking Switzerland with 6 daily regional journals and a wide range of background and cultural offers. The main focus of the program is the range of information, which includes the SRF Nachrichten , in- depth programs such as the rendez-vous at noon or the talk of the day and the evening echo of the time . In the accompanying program, the daily news is deepened in discussions with experts, guests and the audience: from the morning broadcast to the meeting point up to the evening before. Other important background programs are International, Trend, Colon, Personal, Forum or the Saturday Rundschau.

The program also includes entertainment, radio plays , satire and the radio broadcast of the tri-media children's program Zambo . Another focus of Radio SRF 1 is on cultural programs such as Buchzeichen, the music program Swissmade or the vernacular program Schnabelweid.

SRF 1 is the primary channel for traffic reports, police calls, and official instructions in the event of a disaster. The station broadcasts the national anthem ( Swiss psalm ) every day shortly before midnight .

Regional news

The regional journal reports Monday to Friday (at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 12:00 after the news and in detail at 5:30 p.m.) and on the weekend (5:30 p.m.) on regional events. Depending on the FM frequency or DAB channel, seven different versions of the regional journal can be received:

Outside of the German-speaking area, music is broadcast instead of the regional journal.

In addition to the regional journal, there is also Regional Diagonal, which offers a view of all regions of Switzerland Monday to Friday (4:30 p.m.) and Saturday (12:00 p.m., after the news).


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