Theater Lexicon of Switzerland

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The Theater Lexikon der Schweiz (TLS) is a multilingual theater science lexicon published in 3 volumes in 2005 on people, institutions, venues and subject terms of theater in Switzerland in the past and present.

The 3600 or so articles were compiled from 1997 to 2005 at the Institute for Theater Studies at the University of Bern . Andreas Kotte was in charge of the project, Simone Gojan (1997–2005) and Thomas Blubacher (1997–2001) were in charge of the editors-in-chief .

Around 70% of the contributions were written in German, 20% are French, 6% Italian and 2% Romansh (the latter with a German translation).

The texts of the lexicon have been freely available on the Internet since 2012. It is not a revised new edition; All texts and data were left at the 2005 status when they were published on the Internet.

Bibliographical information

  • Andreas Kotte; Institute for Theater Studies Bern (Ed.): Theater Lexikon der Schweiz TLS = Dictionnaire du theâtre en Suisse DTS = Dizionario teatrale svizzero DTS = Lexicon da teater svizzer LTS. 3 volumes. Chronos, Zurich 2005, ISBN 3-0340-0715-9 .

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