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Authors of Switzerland (AoS), also denominated Autrices et Auteurs de Suisse or Autrici ed Autori della Svizzera or Auturas ed Auturs da la Svizra , is an author - Association in Switzerland . It was founded on October 12, 2002 in Bern immediately after the dissolution of the Swiss Association of Writers (SSV) and the Olten Group (GO). The aim was to reunite all authors in a common Swiss association. The AdS, legally an association according to Art. 60 ZGB , has 1000 members (as of 2016).


The AdS sees itself as a professional association of Swiss authors. His responsibilities include:

  • Defending the interests of the authors against the publishers and the rights users (copyright, fees)
  • Conclusion of collective agreements with minimum guarantees for its members
  • Fee grants for members
  • Promote culture and freedom of expression
  • Promotion of literary research
  • Defense of human rights , especially freedom of expression, speech and press
  • Promotion of the exchange between authors at home and abroad
  • Promote the dissemination of literature
  • Increasing the social reputation of literature


The association supports authors, for example through:

  • Prices
  • Lilly Ronchetti Prize
  • Work grants
  • Fee grants for readings , magazine articles and literary publications
  • Advice to authors (technical, economic, legal)
  • social support
  • Rental of writing spaces (currently an apartment on Montmartre )

These services are financed from membership fees, funds from the Federal Office for Culture (BAK) and donations.


The AdS is u. a. Member of the following societies and associations:

For World Book Day on April 23, 2008, the authors of Switzerland founded the action alliance for fair publishers together with the Association of German Writers , the Federal Association of Young Authors and IG Authors .


The first president was Theres Roth-Hunkeler . At the General Assembly (GV) on April 29, 2007 in the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel , Francesco Micieli was elected as her successor, who in turn was replaced by Reto Finger at the GV on May 29, 2010 . Raphael Urweider was President from 2012 to 2016, the literary translator Jacqueline Aerne from 2016 to 2019, and the writer and translator Nicolas Couchepin has held this position since 2019 .


In 1962, the then SSV published an encyclopedia of Swiss writers to mark its 50th anniversary:

  • Swiss contemporary writer. Ecrivains suisses. Scrittori Svizzeri. Scriptuors Svizzers. Francke, Bern 1962.

In 1978 a new edition appeared, in which non-members of the SSV (i.e. especially members of the GO) were also included:

  • Switzerland - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra. Contemporary writer. Ecrivains d'aujourd'hui. Scrittori d'oggi. Scripturs da nos dis. Association printing, Bern 1978.

Ten years later a new edition was published (with an attached necrology ), updated to January 1, 1987:

  • Grégoire Boulanger, Otto Böni, Lou Pflüger: Contemporary writers: Switzerland. Edited by the Swiss Writers' Association SSV. Sauerländer, Aarau / Frankfurt am Main / Salzburg 1988, ISBN 3-7941-2933-4 .

The last, updated, again provided with a necrology (and meanwhile out of print) new edition appeared in 2002:

  • Peter A. Schmid (Ed.): Contemporary writers. Sauerländer, Aarau 2002.

A lexicon of Swiss youth writers was published in 1963:

  • Dino Larese (ed.): Swiss youth writer of the present. St. Gallen 1963.


  • Theres Roth-Hunkeler, Peter A. Schmid (Ed.): Farewell to the split / Fin d'une division. Rotpunktverlag, Zurich 2003, ISBN 3-85869-254-9 . (Depicts the history of the creation of the new authors' association.)

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